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As Origin Game 1 rapidly approaches Domino’s stores across the country have been doing plenty of training and preparation of their own; gearing up for one of the busiest nights of the year.

In a recent GPS Driver Tracker Pizza Poll, 55 per cent of customers ranked pizza as their ‘meal of choice’ on Origin, so it’s no surprise many stores break records on game night.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said Origin can be up to two times busier than a typical Wednesday night for stores.

“Origin Game 1 was the busiest night of the year for our Queensland and New South Wales stores last year, with BBQ Meatlovers the biggest seller across both states.

“It’s a challenging night because in addition to the sheer quantity of pizzas going out the doors, most people are keen for delivery in a precise window – either around kick-off, or at half-time,” Mr Knight said.

“But just because it’s our busiest night of the year, doesn’t mean we’ll be dropping the ball when it comes to pizza quality. Especially with DOM Pizza Checker playing ‘fullback’, acting as the last line of defence and ensuring only the highest quality pizzas go out the door.”

Mr Knight said the preparation for Wednesday’s game had kicked off weeks ago, with stores ordering extra ingredients, hiring and training new team members and rostering up to handle the rush.

“Just like the players, it’s all about the preparation our stores put in ahead of the game – preparing fresh dough in-store, stocking fridges full of drinks, putting aces in their places when it comes to team members and making sure every scooter and car is fuelled and ready to go, and every e-bike fully charged.”

However, due to the popularity of pizza for game night, we strongly encourage customers to get in early and pre-order.

“There are some great specials on our website, or in our Offers App, for use in local stores and we are encouraging customers to place their orders in advance.”

This year New South Wales will be defending more than one title, with Domino’s New South Wales stores selling 3 per cent more pizzas than its Queensland stores across the last Origin series.