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Dream comes true for little girl

Ruby Ormsby-Qualtrough received the surprise of a lifetime when Narellan Pools delivered her dream of a new pool just days before Christmas.

Narellan Pools franchisees from across the country descended on Ruby’s doorstep to transform the Ormsby-Qualtrough’s backyard into an outdoor oasis in just four days.

Three-year old Ruby suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects around one in 25,000 Australians. A key feature of the condition is excessive eating.

“Ruby’s DNA does not have that answer to say I’m full,” says her mother Tanya.

“She is literally hungry 24/7 and you have to lock everything: the fridge, any food sources, any water sources, anything like that. If they get away and on their own, they will eat anything and continue eating because they don’t have a shut off point,” she said.

A priority for Ruby’s parents is to make her childhood as normal as possible before the syndrome starts to rule her life.

Narellan Pools Managing Director, Chris Meyer, was touched by Ruby’s story and chose to deliver the family’s dream of a new pool in time for Christmas.

“Narellan Pools Franchisees rallied behind us, and flew into Brisbane from right across the country to help, generously offering their skills,” says Meyer.

“Other community members, many of whom had not met Ruby but were moved by her story also donated their time, services and products.”

“We pride ourselves on bringing dreams to life, and feel privileged to be in a position to help Ruby and her family enjoy a lifetime of memories in their Narellan Pool.”

The pool was designed by Narellan Pools’ Brisbane South franchisees Tony and Angela Kennedy to accommodate Ruby’s needs. 

Angela work closely with Ruby’s father Scott over the past few months to devise a plan to surprise the rest of the family with their dream pool.

We selected a Symphony 6 in Bermuda Blue for it’s contemporary design and child-safety ledge, which is perfect for Ruby,” says Angela.

“We have provided a Mineral Pool water option, which harnesses the healing powers of magnesium to enhance health and wellbeing.”

“Deciding on which pool to build was easy, it was keeping it a secret that I found difficult.”

Ruby will exercise daily in her new pool, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness in the water.

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