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Dream Sea Change

Anthony Fisher has baking in his blood. In 1995 Anthony started at Bakers Delight in Warrnambool after completing his baking apprenticeship with Woolworths. He worked for Bakers Delight Warrnambool for eight years as a baker, production manager then finally the bakery manager.

In 2003 Bakers Delight expanded into the Canadian market, and they were looking for talented people from the Australian network to help launch the business model overseas. Anthony, along with his wife Belinda, were part of the operational team that was selected to be taken to Canada.

Upon returning to Australia 12 months later, Anthony took up the position of Technical Baker with Bakers Delight supporting all the Victorian bakeries. From here, an opportunity arose for Area Manager supporting 20 plus bakeries along the west coast of Victoria.

As a young man, Anthony had a passion for surfing and had always dreamed of finding a career that was the right balance between surfing and work.

Both Anthony and Belinda always dreamed of having a bakery on the coast. They knew they wanted to raise a family away from the rat race that is busy Melbourne, instead, they wished to be amongst the fresh air with the flexibility to surf every day and not spend hours in city traffic to and from work.

An opportunity came up when Anthony and Belinda were talking with some local franchisees in Ocean Grove and Torquay. One of the franchisees suggested to Anthony that he and Belinda buy Ocean Grove Marketplace and 12 months later, they were the proud owners of the bakery.  

They were both excited and nervous about the opportunity. The sale of an investment property in Warrnambool that they bought many years ago was the catalyst for the investment. Anthony prepared a business plan and cash flow and went down to his local bank branch to get a business loan.

With the support of Bakers Delight and the surrounding community, Belinda and Anthony had embarked on a business of their own. Today they run a very successful business in Ocean Grove Marketplace they have three gorgeous children and are living the lifestyle they had always dreamed.

The new business did not come easy to them, and the first couple of years was tough work. Establishing a staffing team of 30 people, running a business in a seasonal town and making sure the product quality and service was delightful every day was hard work.


Anthony says, “The success of how we run our business has been straightforward, I have always taken care of the production area, and Belinda has always run the sales side of the business. We have our key roles to play.”


“Communication is key. Our Staff are like family, and if you look after them, they want to stay with you,” says Belinda.


Anthony attributes their success to having a tremendous amount of support and a talented group of people from Bakers Delight around them; He says his “Area Manager is like a brother to me; I run everything by him and couldn’t count on anyone better.”


On their sea change, Anthony and Belinda say, “We would recommend the sea change to anyone and could not be happier with the work-life balance we have. It’s only a four-minute drive to the bakery, and we live less than one kilometre from the beach!”

Last December Belinda and Anthony successfully opened their second Bakery in Kingston Village Shopping Centre, 122-160 Grubb Road, Ocean Grove, VIC 3226.


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