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Eagle Boys’ Pizza Pies – a tasty Aussie spin on the Chicago-style pizza

EAGLE Boys has launched the EB’s Pizza Pies range, Australia’s delicious answer to the traditional Chicago style pizzas.

Think two layers of Eagle Boys’ delicious dough, with fresh toppings between, sprinkled with creamy shredded mozzarella – this is the making of EB’s Pizza Pies, inspired by America’s deep-dish and stuffed pizzas.

The Australian company has puts its own spin on the traditional pizza pies, which Eagle Boys National Marketing Manager Ellen Gault said was the network’s most exciting product yet.

“We’re taking 27 years of dough making and choosing the best toppings to shake up our menu to provide our customers variety in a pizza range they can try between their favourite pizza orders,” she said.

“This is what we’ve done with EB’s Pizza Pies. We’ve put our own ‘Aussie’ twist on the American-style pizzas to create a delicious product that aligns with the culture and tastes of our Aussie customers.

“Fresh, soft pizza dough is pressed into a pan which forms the perfect basin for delicious fillings. The toppings, sauce and cheese are layered, with a dough lid placed on top. What is created is a delicious Pizza Pie that is full of flavour and the star of any family feast.”

Eagle Boys has launched EB’s Pizza Pies with five new flavours guaranteed to delight customers across the country.

“EB’s Pizza Pies is our most innovative pizza range yet with some of the flavour combinations coming direct from customer feedback. With five delectable flavours, it will be hard for customers to choose a favourite!” Miss Gault said.

“The Roast Beef & Gravy Pizza Pie introduces an ingredient we’ve never used before – the super tender pulled roast beef. We’ve smothered this in peppercorn gravy and topped the crusty dough lid with shredded mozzarella cheese creating our most traditional ‘pie’ flavour of the range.

“Those customers who love our Hawaiian pizza should definitely try The Bondi Pizza Pie. Between the dough we’ve placed shredded ham, sweet pineapple, Spanish onion and mozzarella with a rich and tasty BBQ sauce.

“Another flavour is the Beef & Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Pie. This combines ingredients regularly requested from our customers; tasty streaky bacon, beef and shredded mozzarella cheese with aioli, while other flavours include the Very Veggie Pizza Pie and the Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pizza Pie.”

EB’s Pizza Pies are available until June 29, in a regular size priced from $8.95.

Miss Gault said if customers enjoyed EB’s Pizza Pies as much as she expected, the range could become a permanent addition to the menu.

Eagle Boys Pizza Pie