Eagle Boys’ Southern Cajun Chicken, a tasty start to the NPD plan


EAGLE Boys’ menu guru Ellen Gault has today launched the network’s first limited time offer for the year – the delicious, flavoursome and light, Oven-Baked Southern Style Cajun Chicken.

The tender and succulent chicken comes in a four pack of either the Cajun Chicken Tenderloins or Cajun Chicken Drums and is available from all Eagle Boys stores and Eagle Boys Express stores throughout Australia from today (March 17) until April 27.

Eagle Boys

Miss Gault, the network’s national marketing manager leads the New Product Development (NPD) team from the company’s support office in Annerley, Brisbane.

She said there were a number of exciting products to be introduced by Eagle Boys this year and the Southern Style Cajun Chicken would entice a broad reach of customers.

“We’re really excited about the Cajun Chicken range. The tenderloins and drums are extremely tasty and I know through offering these items, we are reaching more people who want something to complement their favourite pizza orders, or are craving a lighter option,” Miss Gault said.

“Our limited time offers are all about ensuring we offer variety, while we continue to cater to the needs of customers in our local store communities.”

The Cajun Chicken range complements the existing menu categories, the EB’s Favourites, EB’s Classics and EB’s Finest pizza ranges and is priced from $5.95 pick-up (pricing varies per location).

The chicken can be enjoyed as a side, or two Oven-Baked Southern Cajun Chicken Tenderloins can be added to a salad on the current menu for an extra $2.50.

“A crisp garden salad coupled with two Cajun Chicken Tenderloins comes in at 813 kilojoules which is just a margin of the average adult daily energy intake,” Miss Gault said.

“It is becoming increasingly important to offer more choices when it comes to nutrition and I’m looking forward to our customers giving this range a go and letting us know their feedback.

“The chicken is baked on wire racks, introduced into our stores especially for this product to ensure the chicken is tender and lean.”

Miss Gault said the Cajun Chicken range was the first of many exciting limited time products for the year.

“We have an extremely exciting NPD plan this year, and we can’t wait to launch the limited time products with our local customers,” Miss Gault said.

Customers can keep up-to-date with new product offerings via Eagle Boys’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EagleBoysPizza.

Order the limited time Oven-Baked Southern Style Cajun Chicken from your local Aussie pizza store by calling 13 14 33, visit eagleboys.com.au or Eagle Boys’ mobile site or smart phone app.