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Eden Exchange Unveils DealXchange: The Standalone Platform Transforming Business and Franchise Sales

 Eden Exchange, a revolutionary online platform for buying and selling businesses, today announces the launch of its DealXchange platform. By operating as a standalone platform separate from Eden Exchange’s managed services, DealXchange offers businesses the flexibility and transparency they need to thrive on the international stage.

According to the Australian Business Growth Index, the trend of Australian SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise) operating outside of the country is on a remarkable rise. Currently, one-third (34%) of Aussie SMEs conduct business operations internationally. However, this figure is projected to double, with over two-thirds of SMEs planning to be operational outside of Australia by 2027.

With an intuitive interface and flexibility baked in, DealXchange redefines efficiency, collaboration and success, empowering users to achieve remarkable outcomes in business and franchise sales. Designed specifically to meet the needs of sellers, franchisors, brokers, buyers, advisors and mergers and acquisitions, the DealXchange platform provides:

  • A Virtual Lead Room: DealXchange is a lead room catered to users’ specific needs in the process of selling a business. It is customisable, allowing users to collaborate, communicate and manage the business buying or selling process all in one place.
  • Document Sharing: DealXchange allows users to securely share and store signed documents with ease. Its reliable storage system ensures important documents are safe, organised and easily accessible.
  • Deal Workflow Management: With DealXchange, users can manage their deals from lead generation to closing, effectively taking control of the entire journey. From sourcing high-quality leads to qualifying and nurturing them, the platform provides the tools needed to streamline the buying/selling process.
  • Unmatched Lead Generation: DealXchange’s proprietary technology easily captures any existing lead generation source, allowing users to manage, qualify and convert to deal without ever leaving the platform.