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Empowering Women In Business – The Rise Of Female Entrepreneurship


This International Women’s Day, we are pausing to spotlight the extraordinary strides women have made in the business world. An area of particular growth is entrepreneurship, where women are revolutionising the field in unprecedented ways. With nearly one-third of franchised businesses now boasting female ownership, the entrepreneurial zeal among women is unmistakable and growing stronger.


Female entrepreneurs are driving significant changes in the business landscape, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a steadfast commitment to achieving success. They represent the most rapidly expanding segment in the realm of business ownership, with women owning and operating 35% of Australian SMEs. This trend is not confined to Australia alone but is a global phenomenon, reshaping industries worldwide. A noteworthy increase in entrepreneurial ambitions among young women, particularly those from the Millennial and Gen Z demographics, signals a positive shift in societal attitudes toward women in business and underscores their critical role in leadership positions.


While we celebrate these achievements, it’s crucial to acknowledge the obstacles that persist. Women entrepreneurs often encounter challenges such as gender bias, funding limitations, and the perpetual juggle of work-family dynamics. The responsibility of corporations and organisations in fostering an environment that empowers women in business cannot be overstated. Through the adoption of policies and initiatives aimed at supporting women’s leadership development and entrepreneurial ventures, businesses can play a key role in making the entrepreneurial landscape more accessible to women.


At Kwik Kopy, empowering women in business, particularly in ownership and leadership roles, is a cause close to our heart. With the provision of flexible working conditions, such as a 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday work schedule, leaving weekends free for personal time, our franchise network is designed to be supportive and accommodating to women. This commitment is evidenced by the success stories within our network, where a third of our top-performing centres are led by women.


This International Women’s Day, we also wish to highlight the exceptional female leadership within Kwik Kopy. It is with great pride that we celebrate Sonia, our inspirational CEO, who was honoured with the prestigious Franchise Woman of the Year Award at the NSW/ACT Excellence in Franchising Awards Night, organised by the Franchise Council of Australia. Sonia’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and transformative leadership, epitomising the spirit of female entrepreneurship that we stand for at Kwik Kopy.


Sonia’s forward-thinking leadership has been pivotal in steering positive change within Kwik Kopy and the franchising community at large. Under her stewardship, Kwik Kopy has emerged as a paragon of innovation, energy, and inclusivity, demonstrating the invaluable insights and contributions women bring to the business sector.


As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let us salute the accomplishments and contributions of female entrepreneurs around the globe. We invite you to join us in supporting women’s entrepreneurship and working towards a future that is brighter and more inclusive for everyone. Together, we can build a world where women have every opportunity to excel and lead in business, breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks for innovation and leadership.


By: Kwik Kopy Australia