A unique new fitness format is causing a stir across Australia. Gym franchisee business 12 Round Fitness, otherwise known as 12RND, only started trading in January, but already has five Brisbane franchises in Towong, Ashgrove, Milton and South Bank, plus one Gold Coast outlet in Worongary. Another two are under construction in Newcastle and Buderim, with 19 more due to roll out over the next year.

Each 12RND club is a purpose built boxing and functional strength training facility, designed to deliver workouts that are exciting, convenient and effective. The workouts are created around the format of a 12 round boxing contest. They combine boxing skills and drills with functional strength and sports-based cardio exercises, all within a 45 minute circuit.

The ingenious format of 12RND removes the need for fixed start times, allowing a member to join a circuit every three minutes. In traditional group fitness classes the times are scheduled and therefore have a very limited capacity. Once the class starts any available spaces are wasted for the duration of the class. This issue of “latent capacity” has cost implications which are passed onto customers through higher prices.

However as 12RND is able to maximise membership capacity by up to 50 per cent more, it can keep prices low for members. Membership prices are 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than other competitors. This also generates a market-leading revenue model for franchise owners.

Managing director of 12RND Tim West says members can turn up anytime between 6am to 10am, 12noon to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm. “Within three minutes they can join a circuit which has already begun and start on any one of the 12 rounds,” he explains. “Round two might be a four punch combo and five box jumps. Round three could be one minute and 20 seconds on the rower. You can do the full 45 minute circuit or do less rounds on the circuit if you want. Not only is it super convenient as there’s no set class times to worry about, but it’s also a highly effective workout.”

Tim says the specialised service offered by 12RND is part of a new era of fitness. “We’ve recently seen movement away from ‘big box’ gyms [everything for everyone] to ‘24/7’ gyms [continuous and cheap] and are now seeing more boutique fitness gyms which focus on relationships and results,” he says. “The trainers and managers get to know all the members really well. People don’t just turn up, work on machines by themselves and go home. All members actively participate in the circuits and get constant feedback from the circuit trainer.”

Tim, who has a health science background and has more than 16 years’ experience with franchise models, says 12RND’s combination of functional fitness and sports based cardio delivers results. “Function should be the focus of strength training,” he says. “When you’re playing sports you’re not obsessing about the effort. Instead you’re practicing a skill which is a great distraction whilst you’re getting fit.”

Boxing for fitness is still extraordinarily popular says Tim, and the 12RND team have focussed their energies on delivering what they feel is the best boxing fitness circuit in Australia. Investor and world boxing champion Danny Green also contributed his expertise to the conceptualisation of 12RND.

“Boxing is such a unique and fun way of doing cardio, and we’ve found that women in particular really enjoy it,” says Tim.  “It’s a real work out for every part of your body and is not hard to pick up. Since we launched 12RND it has been amazingly popular and only is set to expand even further.”