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Extra value added to The Yiros Shop business model

For, The Yiros Shop, the current situation has shown us that even in the current climate when the whole world has nearly come to a halt, we are still able to successfully operate our business. We are fortunate that our model runs off 60 per cent dine-in and 40 per cent takeaway. We have been able to convert a majority of our dine-in customers to either takeaway or delivery. The Yiros Shop has had its own mobile ordering app for pick up/ skip the line orders, which has been beneficial. Since the COVID-19 restrictions forced us to close down our dine-in side of our business, we had to adapt.

So we are now delivering directly to the customers through our own app. This has been a great success over the last few weeks because we have full control of the order from the store to their door. It has given us the opportunity to keep our staff employed while our customers stay home and stay safe.

We believe that after these tough times are over and life begins to go back to normal, the lessons we have learnt and the way we have adapted with adding our own delivery service is going to benefit our business for the future. We will continue to grow from here, and it will give our future franchisees something to look forward to with the extra value added to our business model.

The Yiros Shop team wishes everyone good health and good fortune to get through this difficult time.