Family growing with new siblings


Hotondo Homes have seen another successful year in recruiting new builders.

“Four of our newest franchisees have all been sets of brothers, with the exception of the Sunshine Coast who are brothers with their dad,” said franchise development manager Allan Phyland.

“This is different to the usual husband and wife or business partnership.”

“We find partnerships that contain complementary skillsets work better than those who both have financial, sales or management strengths, no matter if they’re brothers, husband and wives or friends who go into business together.”

Hotondo Homes isn’t like your traditional franchise company that anyone can buy into.

“The biggest barrier to entry is needing a builder licence,” said Mr Phyland.

“We’ve had cases where two people partner up; one has the builder licence and looks after the construction side, estimating and supervising, while the other partner is business minded and looks after the office, sales and finance.”

Like any franchise, Hotondo Homes is always looking for new builders to join the system.

“We’re looking for licenced builders with drive, enthusiasm, good attitude and a willingness to grow their business. We’re also looking for business minded people who can partner with a licenced builder to form a great team,” said Mr Phyland.

“Some of our main focus areas with huge potential include Sydney metro, South Australia, Townsville and Cairns. We also have many other areas available in both country and regional areas throughout Australia.”

Franchising in Australia is currently a $131 billion sector. In addition, the Australian home building industry is worth $70 billion and larger builders are claiming more of the residential market share. Combining franchising and construction is Hotondo Homes is so successful.

44 per cent of the detached housing marketing were builders listed in the HIA’s top 100 in the 2012/13 financial year.

“Knowing that small builders continue to struggle as larger companies grow their market share, our franchise system enables independent builders the ability to compete against price, product and streamlined processes,” said Mr Phyland.

“We experienced a 37 per gent growth in new home sales in the 2013/14 financial year which we’re stoked about.”

“We’ve been celebrating successes all round,” added Mr Phyland.

Just to name a few, new franchisees that joined Hotondo Homes this year include Ballina, NSW, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Bendigo, VIC, and the Sunshine Coast, QLD.