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Franchising Provides Stability in an Uncertain Climate

Businesses in Australia have undoubtedly faced some unprecedented challenges over the last 12 months and franchises have been no exception. But there is a general feeling within the franchise community that we have weathered the storm, and business is on the rebound.

As an industry, franchisees were forced to adapt their practices in order to survive and learned many valuable lessons along the way. Franchisees who previously delivered services for predominantly commercial customers, reaped the rewards of the home improvement boom that came as a result of Aussies working from home and holiday budgets being reallocated to odd jobs around the house.

However not only did franchisees see a change in their customer bases over the last year, the services delivered went from relatively straightforward office cleans to decontaminating COVID infected spaces… scary!

Fantastic Services Group made sure to equip their franchisees to support essential services needed during the pandemic, and by acting quickly, their franchisees in the cleaning and sanitisation sectors were able to play a vital role in keeping spaces clean and Aussies safe.

The UK-born franchise group responded to the increased demand for cleaning services by introducing an ‘Antiviral Sanitisation’ service which included deep cleaning and a ‘fogging’ of mist that kills 99.9% of germs.

Sydney franchisee for Fantastic Services Group, Shirin Lakhani said at one point she was doing between 15-18 antiviral sanitisations a week for hotels, childcares, medical practices and commercial offices.

“Business was continuous throughout 2020 and has remained strong into 2021. It seems Australians across the country are still prioritising having a thoroughly clean office and home to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness. I manage cleaning franchises in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the demand has increased in all three locations. In addition, because of the flexibility I’m able to run all three concurrently and still have time for my family and other commitments.”

Not only has running a cleaning franchise been a stable career choice in the midst of an international health crisis, it has also provided a strong and steady path in uncertain economic times too. With unemployment rates in Australia holding steady month on month, franchising remains a dependable source of income, particularly in the home services sector.

Another obvious but important benefit of the franchise model is the ability to be your own boss. With currently just under one million Australians unemployed([1]), franchising has remained a constant for the 79,000 franchise business owners in Australia([2]). Fantastic Services Group is encouraging everyday Aussies to consider opting for a franchise as opposed to regular employment and benefit from the proven business models franchising has to offer.

However, the increased demand for home services in Australia shouldn’t be the only reason you consider starting a franchise with Fantastic Services Group. With over a decade of industry experience and franchisees across three continents, Fantastic Services Group has a well-established and proven model of success.

CEO of Fantastic Services Group, Rune Sovndahl, “Joining an existing and already established franchise means most of the initial set up costs associated with setting up a business have already been done for you. Essentially joining a franchise group significantly reduces the risk as all the infrastructure is established with processes to hit the ground running straight away.

“Not only have we focussed on upskilling our teams, we have also focussed on helping franchisees build their business through investing in increased brand awareness. With franchisees relying on the leads generated by the franchisor to keep their businesses thriving, Fantastic Services Group prioritises investing in additional brand awareness for their franchisees to ensure ongoing client engagement.”

The group offers a wide range of opportunities for potential franchisees including cleaning, gardening, property maintenance, pest control and waste removal, to name a few. With an initial investment starting from just $3750+GST, franchisees receive extensive training, both theory and on-the-job, full administrative support as well as access to state-of-the-art business software to make running the business as easy as possible.

As a franchise system, Fantastic Services Group is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the industry with over 500 franchisees utilising their model and expertise. Their franchise opportunities ensure quick ROI and unlimited growth potential, the perfect opportunity for Australians looking for security and financial freedom.