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Fastway Couriers announces New Zealand CEO and a new direction

Fastway Couriers announces Austin Mortimer’s appointment as CEO of Fastway Couriers (NZ) and the implementation of a new vision for the 30 year old New Zealand-owned and founded courier franchise business. 

In his new role, Austin will be responsible for guiding and refining Fastway Couriers’ strategy to further increase service levels, growth and profitability at all levels of the New Zealand network.  
The announcement also coincides with a series of strategic appointments at Fastway Couriers’ Napier Franchise Support Office (FSO), including new Marketing Manager, Jantha Gooding. 

Austin says organisational efficiencies and a renewed focus on the latest technology will power growth for Fastway and allow the company to be more responsive to evolving customer needs.

“The courier industry is one of the fastest changing industries in New Zealand. With the constant growth in online retailing, consumer expectations are higher than ever before,” says Austin. 
“The recent appointments we’ve made in Napier have given us access to a wealth of experience and specialised skillsets. Over the last few months, we have introduced a range of new technologies, improved our service offerings and made major changes from an operational perspective, all for the benefits of our franchisees, clients and customers.”
From humble beginnings in Hawke’s Bay in 1983, Fastway Couriers now has more than 250 Courier Franchisees operating out of 17 regional depots around the country.

“Couriers have provided a better alternative to post for parcel shipping for many years now. With NZ Post looking to cut its mail deliveries down to three times a week, online retailers around the country are taking notice and are now reassessing whether the ‘default option’ of post is working for them.

“This has resulted in Fastway growing its domestic market share by 15% year on year for the last five years. I see plenty of opportunity for this to continue and for Fastway Couriers to step up to number two in the New Zealand market within three years,” says Austin.

Austin says the key to Fastway Courier’s on-going success is the strength of its franchise structure.

“Fastway Couriers is a network of local business people, who are each invested in working closely with their customers to build their businesses. This dedication to our customers has helped Fastway to establish an impressive list of clients, including ASOS and Briscoes.

“For many clients, Fastway collects goods straight from the shipping container and distributes them throughout the country. Given customers have ordered online, the Fastway Courier Franchisee will be the only person they see. So it’s imperative our customer service is top quality and that’s why the franchise model works so well. Our couriers are the face of our business, and as business owners, they’re more likely to do a better job,” says Austin.

However, customer service is just one side of the equation.

“Our mission to ‘delight our customers at the door’ requires the latest technology to help our clients and their customers stay informed, ensure efficiency and raise levels of satisfaction. For example, our advanced track and trace system enables customers to be able to locate their parcel every step of the way. They can see where their package is 24/7, from pick up all the way to delivery,” says Austin.

Brem Ellingham, Group Managing Director at Fastway Couriers, says Austin’s influence has been felt at all levels of the company since coming on board late last year.

“Austin has consistently demonstrated his clear vision for the company by rebuilding the FSO team and bringing specialist skills on board. He’s also the driving force behind the rollout of a range of key initiatives,” says Brem.

“I’m pleased to announce Austin’s promotion to CEO of Fastway Couriers (NZ). I’d like to congratulate Austin on a job well done so far. We look forward to seeing his further developments to ensure that the network is revitalised and thriving.”

Fastway Couriers is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary.