Fastway Couriers Celebrates 25 Years in Australia


2018 marks 25 years of operation in Australia for leading delivery network Fastway Couriers. The company is celebrating the milestone at its annual conference, this year held in the Northern Territory at Australia’s iconic Uluru from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 March.

“Fastway Couriers is delighted to be celebrating its 25-year anniversary in Australia and what better place to celebrate than Australia’s iconic Uluru.  Our annual conference is a time to reflect on the success of the past year and this year we are so pleased to be celebrating a successful 25 years of distribution here in Australia,” says Fastway Couriers Australia CEO Peter Lipinski.  

Fastway Couriers was established in New Zealand in 1983 and within 12 months became the first transport company to enter the franchising arena. After launching into Australia in 1993 the company saw exponential growth and was announced as Australia’s fastest growing private company in 1998 by BRW Magazine. The success and growth of Fastway Couriers in Australia continues to this day with over 800 franchisees now across Australia and over 10% growth over the last year.

Fastway Couriers is turning the traditional delivery model on its head with a range of new technology and processes including embracing the sharing economy to help support franchisees and customers.

“The transport and delivery industry has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. The first Fastway van in Australia distributed in a world pre-smartphone technology and internet, in a market made up predominately of business to business customers. The rise of online shopping in the past five years has completely transformed our industry. The rapidly growing appetite of Australian consumers for online shopping and the expectation of round-the-clock convenience has underpinned the development of a number of innovative new technologies to help future proof our business and franchisees and delight every customer at the door,” adds Peter Lipinski.

In recent years Fastway Couriers has been investing heavily in new technology and innovation to capture more share of the growing e-commerce market and help support franchisees.

Parcel Connect for example taps into the diverse business hours of local stores and petrol stations across Australia to provide a close and convenient drop off and collection point for both customers and Fastway’s franchisees.

Blu Couriers is another ground breaking Fastway technology that helps franchisees cost-effectively manage delivery spikes through giving them access to a fleet of fully trained and reliable crowd sourced couriers.

Fastway Couriers’ ability to innovate and lead the way for the delivery sector in Australia is accelerated by its connection to international courier and logistics company Aramex. Aramex, which operates in over 60 countries, purchased Fastway Couriers in January 2016, providing the business and its franchisees with access to world-leading research, resources and expertise.

In coming days Fastway’s business leaders will provide attendees of the conference with insights into the future of the logistics and franchising industries and how Fastway plans to capitalise on market opportunities and support franchisees into the future.