Fastway Couriers Deliver for Horse in Need


Fastway Couriers New Zealand franchisees, Graeme and Trudi McMurtrie, have helped to save a horse’s life after making a 200km trek from Dunedin to Invercargill late on Friday, 2 November to deliver crucial medical supplies.
Graeme McMurtrie says he and his wife delivered several bags of IV fluid to the veterinary clinic in Invercargill.
“Our client, who is a medical supplier, gave Trudi and I a call and asked if we could do it. We’re always happy to help out our clients to make sure they are getting a high level of service, but as animal lovers this was a special instance where we felt we had to deliver,” says Graeme.
A representative from Southern Invercargill Vet credited Fastway Couriers for their speedy service and confirmed that the horse is doing well.
Buks Lundt, Regional Franchisee, Fastway Couriers Dunedin says he is impressed by the level of service Graeme and Trudi strive to provide.
“Graeme and Trudi’s customers are always commenting on their commitment and positive attitude, and they always go out of their way to help customers. They’ve taken the Fastway Couriers system and really run with it, which has resulted in substantial business growth in the 12 months they’ve been with the franchise,” says Lundt.
Graeme and Trudi were also recently selected as runners-up in nationwide competition for Fastway Courier’s Best Business Plan.