Fastway Couriers delivers dream conference


Over the weekend, close to 100 Fastway Couriers’ Regional Franchisees and staff congregated on Queensland’s stunning Daydream Island to participate in Fastway’s 2014 Australian Regional Franchisee conference. The annual conference provided the opportunity to celebrate achievements across the business, recognise those that go above and beyond, and look to the future of Fastway.

Richard Thame, CEO of Fastway Couriers Australia, says the conference addressed what lies ahead for the courier industry.

“This year, the focus of the conference was working together to further develop our courier network, strengthen our internal and external partnerships and fortify the ways in which Fastway is capitalising on the expanding online retail industry.”

“We’re constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our services and delight our customers at the door, which is why we’re working on key developments such as Parcel Connect,” says Richard.

Parcel Connect is a new pick-up and drop-off service available from convenience stores, petrol stations and other retail outlets throughout Australia.

Richard says the annual conference is always a memorable event for the entire Fastway team.

“Our conference brings our Regional Franchisees and support staff together and gives us the opportunity to recognise high performing individuals from across our network. Everyone at Fastway plays an integral part in our success. As CEO, I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and commitment,” says Richard.

To acknowledge those at Fastway Couriers who excelled during 2014, they were recognised with the following awards:

  • Regional Franchise of the Year – Luke Arcus, Fastway Couriers Albury;
  • Courier Franchisee of the Year – John Daniel, Fastway Couriers Sydney;
  • Regional Franchise Employee of the Year – Sharad Nair, Fastway Couriers Brisbane;
  • Sales Representative of the Year – Ganesh Ravat, Fastway Couriers Melbourne;
  • Business Development Award – Barry Deem, Fastway Couriers Brisbane;
  • Customer Delight Award – Jimmy Shen, Fastway Couriers Sydney; and
  • Franchise Support Office Employee of the Year – John Hamod, Franchise Business Manager, Fastway Couriers.

(L to R): Richard Thame (CEO of Fastway Couriers Australia), Luke Arcus, Elisa Arcus, Peter Lipinski