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Fastway Couriers provide online businesses with a real alternative

Fastway Couriers has reaffirmed its commitment to providing an affordable and efficient service to the growing Australian online retail industry.

Richard Thame, CEO at Fastway Couriers, says that the company delivers a less expensive and more personalised service to many leading online retailers shipping their parcels across Australia.

“At Fastway Couriers, we pride ourselves on offering a low cost, reliable, national courier distribution service across all key regional and metropolitan locations in Australia. Our service is geared towards all businesses requiring an easy, economical and no-fuss courier service. We allow them to invest less time and money in courier services so they can focus on building their core business and customer base,” says Thame.

“Our goal is to take the headache out of sending parcels by promoting simplicity and transparency on all levels of our business, and many businesses would be surprised by how much they can save by using a service like Fastway,” says Thame.

Unlike competitors, Fastway Couriers provides many elements of its service at no extra cost.

“We believe that obtaining a signature is a basic service which customers shouldn’t have to pay more for. With Fastway Couriers, we don’t charge for obtaining a signature and we also offer free redelivery if the customer isn’t home.”

Thame says that a freight provider should act as an extension of a business to ensure the highest levels of customer service.

“Fastway Couriers is focused on utilising the latest technology to give businesses new tools to satisfy their customers and make their online business a success. By acting as a part of our clients’ businesses through solutions like our integrated shopping cart, we are uniquely situated to help them achieve bottom line savings, enhance customer experience and obtain a point of difference in an ever-tightening market,” says Thame.