Fastway Grows Indicating Precursor to GDP


Fastway Couriers New Zealand today announced another positive sales result for the September quarter with year to date sales up by almost 10 per cent.

Jason Windhager, Executive Director at Fastway Couriers New Zealand says that the company’s results are in stark contrast to the very flat economic performance announced today by the government for the overall economy.

“With close to 60 per cent of the economy now driven by the service sector, we are satisfied with the September quarter. The current trading period looks to continue at a similar level of growth. Freight volumes are often viewed as a precursor to GDP performance and as a significant transport operator, this could provide an indication to the economy’s future growth,” says Windhager.

Fastway Couriers has been in operation in New Zealand for almost 30 years. Privately owned, Fastway Couriers is the third largest courier company in the country. The company prides itself on being innovative and providing the highest standards. Fastway Couriers introduced an “Urgent Delivery Service” in Christchurch at the beginning of this year to meet the demand of businesses moving goods within the city limits in less than two hours.

“We have already seen a huge upswing in volume in Christchurch with the pending building boom. Auckland is also going from strength to strength where growth is driven from North Auckland. Although some provinces are growing at a slower rate, our forecast for 2013 is continuing double digit growth as the NZ economy rebounds and Christchurch really kicks in,” says Windhager.

To help facilitate this Fastway Couriers is looking to increase its Courier Franchise fleet in most of its 18 locations nationwide in 2013.