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Do you want more franchise leads?

Ok, so I’ve got your attention. Franchise recruitment is one of those topics that are always hot – I bet there aren’t many franchise brands that you can think of that have hit saturation. Not even McDonald’s or Subway…

With the generation of franchise recruitment leads becoming increasingly difficult, in the current market some of Australia’s largest franchise systems are taking advantage of digital channels by driving leads directly through various social media platforms.

So, how does it work? We don’t want teenagers applying for businesses they can’t afford. We’ll focus on Facebook as that’s where we see the greatest successes in lead generation. No doubt we’ve all seen Facebook ads, but do you really understand why you’re seeing them? Facebook’s Ad Manager has over 1,000 characteristics, interests and behaviours that allow advertisers to find their target demographic.

If you want to target a married female, who has a mortgage and interests in tech or travel. You can. Everything that a user likes, comments or follows guides the targeted advertisements they see in their newsfeeds.

We’ve seen some great results by creating campaigns with sniper like precision to those who we think would be a good fit for our franchise clients. Not only have we generated quality leads, we have also managed to increase the number of leads generated whilst also reducing cost per lead.

So, what should you do from here? Here are five tips to get your started on your Facebook lead generation journey.

1 Identify your key target market/s

Before you start advertising to anyone you need to understand who it actually is that you are advertising to. Are they tech savvy? Do they like colourful images? Why are they going to buy into your system? Ideally you should build two to three ‘personas’ that you can begin marketing your franchise to.

2 Develop a clear digital advertising funnel

Make sure that your funnel is clear, concise and includes three main components; brand awareness, service/product awareness, and lead generators.

3 Develop engaging artwork and copyright that is engaging

Your artwork and copywrite should vary depending on your target audiences, locations and offer. Make sure that you clearly identify why you are using fonts and images depending who you are trying to attract.

4 Automate the sales where you can

Depending on the type of system and the resources that are available to you, either try to make contact as soon as possible or implement an automatic email, message or video thanking them for their enquiry and letting them know that someone will be in contact shortly.

5 Test, test, and test some more

No matter whether you’re spending $1 a day (Facebook’s minimum ad spend) or $1,000 a week, make sure that you are always testing to ensure that advertisements are reaching their maximum potential.

For more information on how FC Business Solutions can assist with your Facebook advertising contact:

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