First Class Accounts helps Aussie Children take a Step in the Right Direction


First Class Accounts franchisees from around Australia have come together to raise over $2500 for Australian charity A Start in Life. The Walk a Day in Our Shoes’ community project provides disadvantaged young Aussies with a pair of regulation school shoes.

First Class Accounts’ Chief Operating Officer Mike Fisher said it was the first campaign they had supported since connecting with the organisation and their donation aims to provide school shoes to 50 Aussie children living in poverty. One in six Australian children are now living in poverty.

“Thousands of Australian school children miss out on participating in school activities simply because they don’t have the right shoes, not to mention the effect it may have on their self-esteem,” he said.

“Investment in the education of our youth is investment in the nation’s future, and the goal of A Start in Life is enabling children from disadvantaged homes to go to school feeling equal to their peers with the shoes, uniforms and supplies they need. Ensuring this goal is realised is the reason we have elected to support this worthwhile cause.

“There are so many families that need some extra support, and our franchisee bookkeepers are in the enviable position of being able to financially assist those in greater need.
“We plan to engage our franchisees and their clients in campaigns to support the organisation even further in 2013.”

A Start in Life is a charity with 90 years’ experience in providing educational support to thousands of disadvantaged families around Australia. For information on ways that you can donate visit the site at