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Fitness Enhancement sells two franchises in two months

Fresh off having franchisees start in Melbourne and Sydney, the rapidly growing Personal Training franchise has had two of their own staff members take the leap into being franchisees themselves.  Eli King who has worked for Fitness Enhancement for a year has purchased a franchise in North Lakes, North Brisbane.   Troy Symons who has been with the company for five years as a Personal Trainer and then Studio manager has also purchased the Beenleigh territory (between Gold Coast and Brisbane).

CEO and founder Scott Hunt stated “every new franchise is extremely exciting for us, but it is extra exciting to have our own staff who know the business inside out also see the amazing opportunity there for the taking. The fact that they have chosen to leave a good job to take up this opportunity is further evidence of the great direction we’re all heading in”

Prior to working for Fitness Enhancement, Troy and Eli’s stories were very similar.  Like many ambitious Trainers they had set up their own business and had the passion and Personal Training skills, but without being experts in all of the other skills that a small business owner needs, they struggled.  This is why like many other Fitness Enhancement trainers they decided to take the security of a stable career with the luxury of having all of the clients provided by Fitness Enhancement.

New franchisee and former Studio manager Troy Symons explained “I had a great career working for Fitness Enhancement, but I always had the dream of owning my own business and the rewards that come with being your own boss.  Fitness Enhancement was nowhere near franchising when I started with them five years ago, so I was more than content with a great job.  However the more successful I saw other Fitness Enhancement franchisees becoming over the last 6 to 10 months; the more I wanted to follow my original dream of owning my own business.  Only this time I wanted to do it with the amazing support from Scott and the team.”

Mr Hunt’s decade and a half developing Fitness Enhancement has taught him a lot. Starting out with just $400 back in 1999 to eventually becoming Queensland’s largest Personal Training Company prior to franchising, has seen him learn almost every lesson small business and the fitness industry could throw at him. Something he says has been a key to his success. 

“I started the business when I was 19 and still at University, so I made plenty of mistakes in the first few years but the key thing was that I learnt from every single one of them. From there I had a decade of successful business ownership prior to taking the leap into franchising,   so I had well and truly proven its success before making this transition.”

Despite many saying the fitness industry is oversaturated with gyms, Mr Hunt has managed to create his own niche with Fitness Enhancement 100% private™ Personal Training. Catering to those who don’t feel comfortable going to a Gym or training with a stereotypical meat head Trainer has been a core part of its success.  Thousands of happy clients later ( many of whom had failed at a gym only to succeed with Fitness Enhancement)  the company is set to make an even bigger impact on Australian’s who hate the Gym’s but want to live life to the fullest.

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Name:  Scott Hunt

Phone: 0411 228 240