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Franchise Council of Australia welcomes Franchising Code update in 2014

The Abbott Government will introduce recommendations from the 2013 Franchising Code of Conduct review this year.

In today’s Australian Financial Review, Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson said the Coalition would act early in 2014 to “maintain world‐class regulatory support for a crucial part of the economy”.

As the peak body for franchising in Australia, The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) was heavily involved in the Code review carried out by Alan Wein last year.

Following the initial review process, the FCA was invited to provide further input and has since held meetings with the previous and current Governments, along with senior staff in the Department of Innovation and Treasury.

FCA General Manager Kym De Britt said the meetings had been very positive and collaborative in nature, with a view to providing the best outcome to the sector as a whole. The Council is now looking forward to seeing all the hard work put to good use in an updated Code.

“We’re pleased to see the Coalition plans to capitalise on the momentum created in 2013. The submission and consultation process allowed input from all over the sector. Franchisors, franchisees, academics, small business associations like our own, and other stakeholders all took the opportunity to contribute to the review, resulting in fair and robust recommendations.” Mr De Britt said.

Speaking at the National Franchise Convention in October, Minister Billson stressed the importance of franchising as a part of the national economy and a key focus of the new Government.

“The way in which we can all nurture opportunities, wealth, prosperity and livelihood for our country, and for the people that live in it is a crucial task that the Abbott Government takes very seriously,” the Minister said.

Mr De Britt said the Council is looking forward to continued collaboration with the Government in 2014 as the changes are implemented and the sector continues to grow.

“What we now need to see is an updated regulatory framework that will keep Australia at the forefront of best practice franchising globally, where it belongs,” Mr De Britt said.