With its lower-than-average start-up fees, minimal staffing costs, early potential profits and a highly engaged market, My First Gym (MFG) offers a robust and supportive business model with lots of room to grow. MFG Co-Founder Daniel Newton spoke to Business Franchise about big opportunities for budding franchisees.


Daniel Newton My First GymDaniel, tell us about yourself, your business and the birth of My First Gym.

I’m a fitness industry veteran, multisport enthusiast and passionate family man. My career in the fitness industry spans over 20 years, working across multinational health club brands such as Gold’s Gym USA, Fitness First Health Clubs and Snap Fitness.

I am very passionate about delivering health & fitness to communities and have found it my personal mission to bring new and exciting ways for people to exercise to the market, which led me to the children’s fitness sector, an untapped, but very relevant market to inspire movement.

Our first MFG corporate site was opened in September 2017, with the franchise program beginning in April 2018 and we’ve been helping children live healthier and more active lifestyles ever since.

What service do you provide?

We are a one-stop fitness shop for children. This is primarily a class membership model, but our service also includes birthday parties, school holiday camps and a very unique whereable technology offering; MyMovementBuddy, specifically made for kids. Our mission is to be the leader in children’s fitness and give every community (including parents) access to our programs.

We currently have eight clubs in Queensland and two in New South Wales, with more in the pipeline. We are expanding into the international market with MFG New Zealand set to open in the near future.


What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchisee profile? 

Our franchisee selection program allows for a broad experience and background profile. We look for character: the desire to lead and passionately represent the MFG brand; experience: a track record of business operations and management or business ownership and exposure to health club membership models or a likeminded industry background; time & engagement: dedication to being physically present; and financial: $200k minimum in NET cash assets.

Franchise owners will enjoy the benefits of an extensive support system. Our franchisee program focuses on all aspects of setting up a club, recruitment and training of staff, and sales and marketing. Our training is concentrated in the first 90 days and then evolves into an ongoing support and training program to ensure consistent and sustaining performance.


What’s your focus for the year ahead?

During the Covid-19 crisis, our business was able to adapt quickly, to deliver ‘on demand’ classes during the home lockdown period and ensure our little members and their families had access to their programs. But once the doors opened again, the immediate increased usage and the surge in membership across all clubs demonstrated the unquestionable need for our facilities, coaches and inspiring movement programs.

In July 2020, MFG was acquired by a new ownership group with a range of highly credible and qualified professionals, joining our engaged industry veterans. With this new ownership team, as well as recent record-breaking operations results, MFG is set up for a big future. We now have 10 operating sites and have a clear focus and mission to make a real difference in the lives of families and continue our rapid growth in 2021.