Franchise Inquiry conducts extra public hearing


Franchise Inquiry conducts extra public hearing

The Franchise Inquiry held an additional public hearing in October after the last of the expected public hearings had completed in September.

The hearing was held on the evening of October 16 however the date and details did not appear on the Inquiry website until very close to the hearing itself. The hearing featured testimony from the Small Business Commissioners of New South Wales and Western Australia, the National Retail Association, an academic, and a current and former franchisee of bakery chain Brumby’s.

A further hearing is understood to be held in late November for the appearance of three former executives of Brumby’s parent company, Retail Food Group.

A total of eight public hearings have now been conducted for the inquiry, including an evening hearing which featured testimony from only one organisation – Retail Food Group. The Inquiry received 216 submissions listed on its website, with media reports previously indicating that a large number of confidential submissions were also received, but not published.

The Inquiry is being conducted by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, which is expected to hand down its final report by December 6, 2018.