Franchise opportunities as BK’s Gymnastics booms through QLD


As gymnastics becomes the third most popular sport in the country for kids under 12 (overtaking Australian football)*, BK’s Gymnastics has signed a deal with a local partner in Toowoomba with eyes firmly set on Queensland growth.

BK’s Gymnastics – part of Belgravia Group, one of Australia’s largest-privately owned health and leisure companies – is a growing franchise network of speciality children’s gymnastics centres that is making the sport more accessible to kids from as young as three months old.




BK’s Gymnastics has entered into a joint venture with Allstars, an established gymnastics club in Toowoomba, with the current owner Vicki Flamsteed named the Queensland CEO of the new joint venture.

Allstars in the largest gymnastics centre in the region with more than 1200 participants per week and will now be 50% owned by BK’s Gymnastics.

In her new role as the Queensland joint venture CEO, Vicki will be responsible for the strategy to grow the BK’s Gymnastics business throughout the state.

Richlands and Springfield are the first new sites earmarked to open in Queensland, with Richlands being a children’s ‘super leisure centre’ featuring an indoor pool offering children’s swimming lessons under the same roof as the gymnastics classes.

While these first two sites are a joint venture with Allstars, there would be fresh opportunities in QLD for interested franchisees, said BK’s Gymnastics CEO Mark Rendell.

“The network has seen a major growth in memberships over the last two years and we look forward to expanding our reach into Queensland and giving the brand a more national presence. We have a new site in Caroline Springs, Melbourne, opening in July and we’re on track to secure the target of 10 new franchise sites in 2021. Heading further north was the natural next step for BK’s Gymnastics and partnering with an established business who has an understanding of the local market will greatly assist this growth.”

The significant growth of gymnastics is thanks to the benefits the sport provides to kids of all ages, said Vicki Flamsteed.

“It’s not surprising that gymnastics has moved into the top three sports in the country for kids. Many in the industry, including BK’s Gymnastics, have been working hard to make the sport more accessible and provide programs for younger kids and a progressive pathway through the sport as kids grow. Gymnastics is no longer the highly competitive and serious sport that it once was. Those who want to compete can, but there are also many accessible and fun programs for kids of all ages. Gymnastics provides base skills like coordination and balance that all children can benefit from. No matter what other sports you do, gymnastics can assist you to improve your skills. I’m very excited about what comes next and look forward to helping to grow gymnastics further throughout Queensland so that more children have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits the sport provides.”



Franchise locations are available in QLD and Australia-wide and footprints range from 350-650m2 with existing indoor sports centres or buildings able to be converted into a BK’s Gymnastics centre.

* Sports Australia confirms the popularity of the sport, with the latest AusPlay survey participation data showing that despite the impacts of COVID, gymnastics continued to rank in the top three organised sports for children under the age of 12.