Franchised Food Company’s Big Plans for 2017 International Expansion


Franchised Food Company (FFCo) CEO, Stan Gordon, has confirmed that 2017 is set to be one of the company’s biggest years yet, with three of its popular brands – Cold Rock, Trampoline and Pretzel World – due to launch in a number of international markets next year.

The exciting international expansion comes as a result of the domestic success of the franchises, which have won legions of fans across Australia with their delicious and unique treat products.

With stores located around the eastern sea board of Australia, Pretzel World will be the first of FFCo’s three brands to open in an international location in 2017.

Capitalising on a growing wave of popularity for the humble soft pretzel, stores specialize in creating freshly made pretzels which are rolled, stretched and baked right before the customer’s eyes, with their choice of sweet or savoury toppings.

Served up alongside barista-made coffee and a full selection of premium chilled drinks, Pretzel World really is the perfect snack for any time of day.

Pretzel World Dubai is set to open in January 2017, with further plans underway to open a further two locations in August 2017. Mr Gordon’s homeland, South Africa, will also see the launch of its first Pretzel World store in mid-2017.

The second FFCo franchise set for international expansion is the hugely popular Cold Rock Ice Creamery, which already boasts in excess of 100 stores across Australia. Since FFCo acquired Cold Rock in 2009, customers have flocked in store to create their very own custom creations, made up using their choice of ice cream flavour and the brand’s signature range of lolly, chocolate and fruit ‘Mix Ins.’ Mixed and ‘smashed’ together right before the customers’ eyes on a unique refrigerated granite slab ‘Cold Rock’, the experience itself is often just as enticing and enjoyable as the resulting icy confection!

2017 will see Cold Rock open in much warmer climates, with stores due to launch in both Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Alongside the complimentary climate, the brand’s signature smooth, creamy and theatrical ice cream is expected to be a popular drawcard for both tourists and locals alike.

Another FFCo brand, Trampoline, will also be opening a store in the hugely popular tourist destination, Bali. Set to open in 2017, this location will have a very unique offer additional to Trampoline’s usual gelato range: Alcoholic gelato. With four premium alcoholic flavours to choose from, including Whisky, Strawberry Lime Cider, Espresso Martini and Irish Cream, this innovative and unique offer is likely to be a sure hit with relaxed holidaymakers.

When asked about the motivation to expand the FFCo brands into each market, Stan explained the decision was driven largely by a desire to introduce even more people around the globe to the taste sensations served up by Pretzel World, Cold Rock and Trampoline… all using some of the best Australian ingredients.

“Franchised Food Company’s brands specialise in serving up novel and delicious treats that are prepared fresh on the spot. With so many consumers now travelling to warmer-climate destinations like Bali, Dubai and South Africa for holidays, coupled with the growing demand in each of these markets for delicious, tasty treats, they just seemed like natural fits for us to tap into,” Stan said.