Franchising Success Stories on show at NSW/ACT Excellence in Franchising Awards


The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) recognised franchising’s best in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory at the Fastway Couriers FCA 2018 NSW/ACT Excellence in Franchising Awards presentations in Sydney on Friday night.

The Awards recognised franchising success in a broad range of sectors – including quick service restaurants, mobile handyman services, recruitment, printing and banking. What all finalists share is a passion for their business, brands and the strength that the franchising business model provides.  

Winners at the event included Jim Kelly and Crystal Petzer of Hire A Hubby, Mona Vale and Narrabeen, who were named the NSW/ACT Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year; Dan McKenzie of Kwik Kopy, Miller Street, who took home the award for NSW/ACT Franchisee of the Year, two or more staff; and Mel Flavell and Grant Maloney of Frontline Retail, Northern NSW, who won the Award for NSW/ACT Single Unit Franchisee of the Year, less than two staff.

Also successful on the night were Kate Thomson of ANZ Mobile Lending, who was named the NSW/ACT Franchise Woman of the Year and Rolld Australia’s Tin Ly who took home the NSW/ACT Field Manager of the Year Award for 2018.

Jim Kelly and Crystal Petzer had more than a decade of experience as convenience store franchisees when they made the decision to change direction. This decision ultimately led them to Hire a Hubby, where they have been franchisees for nine years, winning multiple awards within the franchise network along the way.

The secrets to their success are simple: following the Hire A Hubby franchise system, understanding and making the most of their respective strengths and a passion for the brand.

“Together we’re a really good combo,” says Crystal. “Jim’s skills are that he’s amazing with the customers, they all love him, and he’s great at managing the staff side of things. I’m awesome at the marketing and business side. We love the brand, we find time to promote the brand and we’re passionate about the brand.

“The franchisor has a really good system and we follow that system to a tee. Maybe that’s our secret – we take that system and we work it,” Crystal says.

Kwik Kopy’s Dan McKenzie is another franchisee who has seen his hard work pay off with a successful franchise business and recognition from within his franchise network.

I like to excel at what I do,” says Dan. So, when the opportunity came to buy a struggling franchise business and turn it around, he took it.

“We got to take a franchise that was ranked number 100 out of 100 centres and within three years take it to the Kwik Kopy Franchise of the Year, and now to win this NSW/ACT FCA Excellence in Franchising Award within four years with a fantastic team and wonderful support blows my mind actually,” Dan says.

NSW/ACT Single Unit Franchisee of the Year, less than two staff Award winners, Mel Flavell and Grant Maloney both bring strong business backgrounds to their franchise, but according to Grant the support of the franchise system is still invaluable.

“I think when you have that entrepreneurial view of things, having that franchise structure and having that accessibility is just amazing,” says Grant. “We are very supported within our franchise system. Our franchisors are always there if we require them, and we have 39 agencies nationwide that we can reach out to as well.”

Supporting franchisees in their success is what drives NSW/ACT Field Manager of the Year, Tin Ly, and NSW/ACT Franchise Woman of the Year, ANZ Mobile Lending’s General Manager, Kate Thomson.

“Just being able to be a positive influence on somebody’s success in any way, big or small, is what I enjoy,” says Tin. “Seeing franchisees succeed, run successful stores and then obviously grow their own teams as well is really pleasing to see. Being able to be a part of that is something really special.”

For Kate, winning this Award is recognition for the work that has been undertaken at ANZ Mobile Lending to build their proposition and put franchisees at the centre of the business.

“We’re always looking to recognise our franchisees, particularly our women franchisees, and encourage them to grow and develop and recognise them for their contributions to our business,” says Kate. 

“The thing that gets me out of bed every day is to make the business that little bit better for our franchisees. As long as the business is moving forward and we can see growth and improvement then, we’re really happy with what we’ve done,” she says.

Following their success, all winners have qualified as finalists for the MYOB FCA National Excellence in Franchising Awards. The Gala Awards Dinner will be held in Melbourne on Tuesday 16 October at the culmination of the 2018 National Franchise Convention.


NSW/ACT Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year: Jim Kelly and Crystal Petzer, Hire A Hubby, Mona Vale and Narrabeen

NSW/ACT Single Unit Franchisee of the Year, two or more staff: Dan McKenzie, Kwik Kopy, Miller Street

NSW/ACT Single Unit Franchisee of the Year, less than two staff: Mel Flavell and Grant Maloney, Frontline Retail, Northern NSW

NSW/ACT Franchise Woman of the Year: Kate Thomson, ANZ Mobile Lending

NSW/ACT Field Manager of the Year: Tin Ly, Rolld Australia