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Make a Beautiful Business Choice With a Franck Provost Franchise

A glamorous environment, an exciting lifestyle, a supportive family… Open the doors to a thrilling future by becoming a Franck Provost franchise owner-operator.

When Franck Provost opened his first salon in Paris back in 1975, he probably never dreamt that a few decades later there would be more than 600 Franck Provost salons in 30 countries around the world!

In 2008, inspired by the outstanding success story of this self-made man, Jean-François Carré reached out to Franck Provost with an offer to develop his venture in Australia. They instantly connected and soon a master franchise was granted to Jean-François for Australia.

Eleven years later, the Franck Provost Australian network already counts 14 salons, with an ambition to become the country’s leading high-end hairdressing franchise.

Business Franchise magazine spoke with the team at Franck Provost Australia about their unique brand, their vision and what it’s like being a part of the Franck Provost family.

Why did you bring the Franck Provost brand to Australia?

“Following much research, I chose Franck Provost as it ticked many boxes: it’s a beautiful brand and industry, a world leader yet still a family business with great corporate culture. Plus, I saw an opportunity for the Australian market, as there was a lot less competition in terms of high-end hair salon franchises compared to Europe. I also thought the glamorous brand image and its accessible luxury positioning were perfectly fitted for Australia,” says Jean-François.

What do you think is unique about the Franck Provost brand when it comes to a franchise partner offering?

“Being a Franck Provost franchise entrepreneur means working in a glamorous environment, being part of a vibrant and creative industry, and getting the latest trends and know-how from Paris, the capital of fashion,” says Jean-François.

“Owning and running a hair salon also provides an important role and status in the local community, allowing you to meet all kinds of people. It allows you to have a strong impact on peoples’ lives by making them look and feel beautiful, and influence the way they interact with others both personally and professionally.”

What potential for growth do you see for individual salons and also the Franck Provost brand in Australia?

“The existing Franck Provost salons are currently growing by about five per cent compared with last year on average, which sits well above the median 1.4 per cent growth in the hair and beauty industry in general. We believe there is probably room for around 40 to 60 Franck Provost salons across all major Australian cities. This is still quite conservative compared to the nearly 500 Franck Provost salons there are in France!” Says Jean-François.

How does your service benefit franchisees/franchisors? Why outsource these activities?

“At Franck Provost Australia we have heavily invested in a full head office structure and support team, which includes a Head of Education and Talent Management who delivers ongoing training on the Franck Provost concept and customer experience, as well as exclusive hair cutting and colouring techniques. We also provide all the proven tools and systems, as well as a comprehensive operations manual, to help optimise business performance and success,” says Jean-François.

“And on top of the Franck Provost franchise, we have also launched supplementary optional support services, where we can additionally look after bookkeeping, accounting, financial reports, payroll, HR, and also help with recruitment and local marketing.”

What qualities do you look for in a prospective franchise partner?

“We are looking for individuals who share a positive, entrepreneurial mindset and a genuine commitment to making their salon grow and prosper. Franck Provost provides full training in professional hair salon management, so no hairdressing experience is necessary.”

Your career was outside the hair industry, so what made you open your own Franck Provost hairdressing salon?

“I decided to take the plunge and operate my own business by opening a Franck Provost hair salon. I knew the Franck Provost brand very well as I am French; it is a very popular hairdressing name in France. Moreover, I am actually from the town where Franck Provost opened his first salon in 1975, so I felt there was a connection,” says Virginie Henriet, Franck Provost’s Mosman franchisee.

“I really like working in the luxury beauty industry; it is a great sector of services. Franck Provost is a well-positioned brand in that it is high end, yet accessible, so there is no elitism. The good thing is that you can always change and improve it because it is your own business.”

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Franck Provost family?

“Where do I Start? Firstly, I think the support from Head Office and the other franchise partners is great. Being our first business and not having much insight into what it takes to start a business, the franchise was heavily involved in getting us started and providing us with the tools and advice we needed to get going. The ongoing support to date has still been great, the office and head management team are always there for support when we need it,” says Sonya Wilson, Franck Provost’s Chatswood franchisee.

What is your favourite part about owning a Franck Provost salon?

“Having the Franck Provost Academy in Sydney is fantastic because our team is always being trained in the latest trends and techniques coming out of Paris. When your job is to give your clients a luxury experience, quality and consistent education are absolutely essential,” explains Freddy Pinzon, Franck Provost’s Paddington franchisee.

Want to own a little piece of Paris?

Franck Provost has flexible franchise opportunities available at a number of key locations around Australia and the expert franchise partnerships team will be happy to help you through every step to find the most suitable site for you.


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