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FranConnect launches analytics to improve performance & ROI across franchises

Release of Analytics and next generation Royalty Manager extend end-to-end insights and process & operations management.

FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise and multi-location management solutions for driving success in sales, operations, and marketing, announces the launch of FranConnect Analytics, which will provide brands with powerful, on-demand, and timely insights pulled from all areas of the business. Additionally, FranConnect has revamped its Royalty Manager application to address finance teams’ biggest pain points.


The franchise and multi-location model is distributed where accountability is dispersed geographically and through complex ownership structures and relationships. These companies are more dependent than ever on data intelligence to determine where to invest resources that drive the greatest return. But the combination of disparate systems and complex organisations creates siloed views and gaps in the story.


FranConnect Analytics overcomes these issues through pre-built dashboards sourced directly from a single source of truth: its platform. FranConnect Analytics empowers businesses to invest in the areas of greatest return, benchmark internally from sites to regions to brands, identify the strongest performers, and replicate best practices. Operations, Finance, and Marketing teams have access to fresh data and insights instantly to drive results across the locations.


The launch of FranConnect’s next-generation Royalty Manager is set to significantly enhance the efficiency of financial operations for franchise brands by automating sales reporting and ensuring accuracy in franchise fee calculations, while facilitating the centralisation of financial data. Additionally, it offers franchisees transparency into the invoicing and financial aspects of their franchise agreements, fostering stronger relationships. With the addition of the Invoice-to-Pay capability, brands can standardise billing, offer diversified payment options and expedite payment collection, thereby effectively reducing the days sales outstanding.


“Royalty Manager’s redesign and new FranConnect Analytics product capabilities make it easier than ever for teams to draw insights from the platform, creating a unified view into their entire operations lifecycle from lead creation to payment reconciliation “, said Gabby Wong, CEO of FranConnect. “FranConnect improves connectivity of information across the distributed value chain and provides brands with the capability to consolidate that information, improve planning capabilities, and drive standardized operational processes to improve overall system performance.”