Free salads with Soul


Fresh, healthy fast food franchise Soul Origin will be handing out free meals to passersby in Sydney’s Martin Place on November 12 between 10.30am and 2.30pm. While no money will change hands, a unique “pay by Instagram” process means customers must upload a hashtagged snap of Soul Origin’s giant “edible billboard” to their Instagram account to receive their lunch.

The massive, vibrant vertical installation will use fresh fruit and vegetables to spell out Soul Origin’s tagline of “Eat Fresh-er”. The billboard will be a feat of precise engineering and creative brilliance, set to capture the attention of the Sydney public and bring a distinctive burst of colour to Instagram accounts across the city.

Over four hours, Soul Origin expects to hand out up to 3000 meals, delivering its signature fresh, healthy food to the people of Sydney in a uniquely fresh way.

Head down to see Soul Origin’s edible billboard on Martin Place on Thursday November 12, or connect with Soul Origin on instagram to see the action happen!

Instagram: @soulorigin