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Freedom from monotony and the office

Award-winning Aramex Courier Franchisee Shannon Heard says the best thing about being an Aramex franchise partner is the freedom to be in the driver’s seat of success and meet new people every day. He’s also delighted to be out on the road enjoying a varied routine, free from the monotony of an office job.

Shannon, who was recently named Aramex Courier Franchisee of the Year, purchased a franchise territory in Brisbane in March 2022. He services customers’ pick-up and delivery needs in Clayfield, Tenerife and parts of Fortitude Valley. 

Prior to joining Aramex, Shannon was a long-time warehouse manager for a company that was a customer of the delivery and logistics powerhouse. Getting to know the local Courier Franchisee who made daily visits to his company warehouse, Shannon was able to learn more about what the day-to-day life of a franchise partner looked like. 

When he was ready to leave full-time work behind and become a small-business owner, it was only natural for him to become a Courier Franchisee with Aramex Brisbane. 

In a short time, Shannon has excelled in three areas that are integral to franchise success: Service, presentation and sales. He always wears the correct uniform, his van is cleaned every weekend and his customer service is one of the best in the depot. He enjoys talking to existing and potential new customers to drum up sales.

Being a Courier Franchisee at Aramex can be very rewarding. The franchise model is designed to be a template for success. Shannon is a great example of someone who has embraced the opportunity and made it work for him. Congratulations, Shannon, Aramex Australia is proud to have you as a franchise partner.