Australia’s largest smoothie and juice bar, Boost Juice is set to expand into service station locations throughout Australia thanks to a partnership with Caltex.

For more than 17 years Boost Juice stores have featured in retail food courts around the nation. Now with more than 270 locations the brand is expanding its footprint into service stations with plans to roll out into 12 Caltex’s stations around Australia with the first opening last week in Padstow, New South Wales.

                                               Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis

Boost Juice Founder, Janine Allis said it was important that as a brand we continue to look at where our customers are and how we can make fresh smoothies and juices readily available to them.

“Boost has always been a convenient grab-and-go option and it only feels natural to have commuter hubs like services stations, airports and train stations as part of our expansion plans.”

“Our partnership with Caltex will allow us to reach a whole new customer and really reinvent the experience motorists have at convenience stores where no longer are they grabbing their juice from the fridge but are getting it made fresh right in front of their eyes.”

“Once upon a time food courts were littered with only fast food options, today consumers are savvier and want options and with food courts finally offering diversity it only makes sense that service station’s do too,” said Allis.

If the trial with the first 12 stores is successful the company intends to conduct a broader roll out that will see Boost Juice stores popping up in locations all throughout Australia.

“We’re lucky that the Boost Juice model operationally is quite flexible and has allowed us to be able to jump on these opportunities.”

“The food retail space is constantly evolving and so are customers who are busier than ever and are consistently on the move, which is why we’re consistently having to think outside the box to ensure we’re moving at the same pace.”

“Our innovation needs to go beyond just opening more stores, it also needs to look at how we can add value to the overall customer experience once those stores are up and running.”

“As we continue to open more stores throughout the country we have also been focused in ensuring that our menu features something for every customer from the motorist that comes to see us at our service station store through to the avid shopper at one of our shopping centre locations, Boost needs an offering that fits into the lifestyles of all Australians,” added Allis.

Earlier this year Boost Juice also opened their first drive-thru location where the response from customers has been very positive and has said that its expansion plans over the next 12 months will have a focus on diversifying its portfolio.