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Funtopia® signs Master Franchisе contract in Australia

The second Australian Funtopia® started operations on August 30, 2017, and promised to be a must-go place for residents and visitors of Maribyrnong. The new adventure park features some of the world’s best indoors entertainment attractions.

Mr. Leo Neophytou, Funtopia Master Franchisee for Australia said, “We wanted to build an impressive venue where participants of all ages experience entertainment at a whole new level. We designed a truly special place where best-in-class attractions allow everyone to have fun, where kids are encouraged to develop physical and social skills. No expense was spared on the technology which makes the venue one of the safest play centres in Australia, allowing parents to sit back and enjoy a specialty coffee with 360-degree views of their loved ones.”

“The whole project took a little over 12 months from concept to completion”, says Ruzha Karaatanasova, CEO, Funtopia Franchising. “Funtopia® Maribyrnong is built on an area of 1600 sqm., and features 40 fun climbing interactive walls, including a giant slide, Jump in the Air and Sky scraper challenges, kid’s bouldering wall and a 650 sqm playground area. Family shared experience is what we believe in and offer to our customers, we know how important this is.”

As one of the precursors in the active entertainment industry, Funtopia® has been expanding dynamically in the last few years due to its appeal of combining fun and sports under one roof. The diversity and uniqueness of Funtopia’s attractions are also crucial ingredients of its success. While other types of business models in the industry focus on solely one type of entertainment, Funtopia’s philosophy is to offer a variety of physically and mentally engaging activities that are appealing to both children and adults. For such reasons, adventure parks become a place of choice for families, birthday party celebrations, school field trips, charity events and all kinds of group outings.

Funtopia Master Franchisee for Australia currently manages the opening of three more Franchise locations and is eager to continue expanding in New Zealand soon.