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As homeowners, builders and business owners become increasingly savvy to the benefits of green energy, we spoke with Sean Cochrane of SuperGreen Solutions about leading the market as Australia’s premier adviser, supplier and installer of household and commercial energy-efficient solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions is a full-service provider of energy-efficient solutions and green living outcomes. This one-stop-shop for energy-efficient products was founded in Queensland, Australia, 20 years ago. Today, SuperGreen has grown to over 51 locations in over 13 countries.


Supergreen SolutionsSean, what makes SuperGreen Solutions well placed to lead the green energy revolution?

Our philosophy of reduce before we produce enables us to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions and increase efficiency and savings through our ability to bundle energy saving or efficient products and solutions. It also helps to have no less than two of the world’s top five future growth products in our range. These include solar power, battery storage, electric vehicle chargers, energy management, home automation, LED lighting, efficient water heating, insulation, skylights and ventilation.

SuperGreen Solutions is backed by and linked to an international buying group, ensuring a competitive pricing edge. Power in numbers and using only trusted, leading brand name products enables us to deliver the best brands at the right price as our long-term goal is to save our client’s energy and money. We take delight in demonstrating how savings can be made and how positive revenue can be achieved by installing solar power, battery storage and electric vehicle chargers, just to name a few.

Then, to enable us to reach more clients, more often, where and when they need our products or services, over the past two-to-three years we innovated the SuperGreen Solutions showroom model and literally put it on wheels. We call it SuperGreen Direct.  


Tell us more about your direct mobile offering.

SuperGreen Solutions Direct is simply a mobile SuperGreen Solutions showroom. It’s a Wi-Fi-connected mobile office and showroom that enables us to take our products and demonstrate the features and benefits of these products to our clients, where they need us and then secure the business on the spot. Let’s face it, nobody shops like they did 15 years ago. This new mobile offering is us listening to what builders, new home buyers, and consumers have been requesting.

Only with SuperGreen Solutions Direct can you gain access to the world’s most trusted brands and products and provide multiple solutions for your clients. With a SuperGreen Direct Mobile Showroom we enable you to take your solutions to where it’s needed, to where business is happening at the time, so you can do more business, more cost-effectively, more efficiently and more often.


Have you seen higher demand for energy efficient products recently?

In light of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, solar power and battery storage and energy efficient products are now even more in demand.

The SuperGreen locations have seen an increase in calls and demand for purchases of solar and battery storage products, solar water heating, EV chargers and energy saving products in general.

With people working from home more, some folks are concerned about having black outs, others about rising power prices and the cost of living in the current crisis. Our SuperGreen locations are seeing the energy efficient market sector and our product range grow in demand.


What does it take to be a SuperGreen franchisee?

SuperGreen is reaching out to anybody that would like to work for themselves, that has an interest in the environment, energy-saving, construction, finance, global warming and climate change.

As a franchisee you will help your clients save money and enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition through a trusted range of green products and green marketing initiatives. You will be able to deliver services such as sustainability planning, world-leading brand name products, product installation, energy and dollar saving monitoring tools, as well as being able to claim their rebates and offering after-sales services, in one clean and green business.

At SuperGreen, we offer full training at our head office and then on-site in the new area or territory. We provide franchisees with uniforms, marketing material, training, quoting tools and systems, along with access to world-leading brand name products, so you can start selling from day one.


Sean Cochrane is an energy efficiency and sustainable products expert with a wide range of experience and knowledge in the industry. He is a Certified Green Partner (CGP), a LEED-certified Associate, HIA Green Smart Professional, Commonwealth Small business Champion and recipient of the Premiers Sustainability Award.

Do you want a business that has two of the top five future growth products in its product range? If you would like to take a closer look at the SuperGreen Solutions Energy Efficient products Showrooms or the SuperGreen Direct Mobile franchises, talk to Sean and his team today.