Gelatissimo Bringing Good Fortune and Fullness this Chinese New Year


To celebrate Chinese New Year, Gelatissimo has introduced a brand-new flavour; Fortune and Fullness. It’s a limited-edition flavour inspired by popular and traditional Chinese New Year ingredients symbolising prosperity, good fortune and full tummies for the year ahead!

Fortune and Fullness is a rich and creamy gelato combination of peanut butter and a crunchy sesame swirl.

“Gelato is perfect for sharing with loved ones and Chinese New Year brings families together, so it became second nature for us to create a celebration flavour” says Gelatissimo’s Product Development Manager Filiz Kaya.

“We also wanted to branch out and create a flavour that ties in the significance associated with Chinese New Year and different symbolic food enjoyed in celebrations. And the delicate, sweet flavours of sesame seeds and the robust flavours of roasted peanuts does just that”.

For Chinese New Year peanuts are eaten in many ways, sweet or savoury, to encourage longevity and good fortune. Sesame seeds symbolise fullness, translating for a full year of eating, spending and having beautiful clothes to wear.

Did you know that 2018 is the year of the dog? In Chinese lore, this year symbolizes the coming of fortune and action! It also is the ideal time for doing more exercise (with your dog?) and eliminating bad habits.

The limited-edition flavour is available from February 15th nationwide while stock lasts.