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Gelatissimo Lines Up Sweet Opportunity in Bangladesh and India

Gelatissimo Lines Up Sweet Opportunity in Bangladesh and India

Global expansion continues for Australia’s largest Gelato franchise 

Australia’s largest Gelato franchise, Gelatissimo will open stores in Bangladesh and India in September, capitalising on the two country’s love of desserts. The openings are the privately-owned company’s latest developments in international expansions, joining franchises in South East Asia and the Middle East.

Since its launch in 2002, Gelatissimo has grown to 45 stores across Australia, with a further 17 overseas. The store launches in Bangladesh and India will bring the total to 66 outlets  across the globe.

Alongside overseas expansion, Gelatissimo will continue to grow its Australian footprint with plans for additional franchises across all six states.

In both India and Bangladesh, populations are booming and the average spend per head on eating out and luxury goods is growing rapidly. Coupled with a love for desserts and all things Australian, Gelatissimo and the franchisees see a great potential for growth in both regions.

Although gelato is a newer concept to both countries, the ice-cream and premium dessert categories has expanded quickly and is forecast to increase significantly over the next five years.

“The stores will be fitted in the internationally recognisable Gelatissimo branding and serve the brand’s best loved flavours and products,” says Master Franchisee Sangeeta Dumpeta from India.

Bangladesh’s Nilesh Jamnadas added, “The stores have been adapted with localised features and will serve some new flavours, adapted for local taste buds”.

Filipe Barbosa, CEO comments:

“Making excellent gelato is a complex task and so is building a brilliant gelato business. Since launching our concept store in 2002 and commencing franchising in 2004 we have worked hard to create a business that works for our franchisees, locally and overseas. With a quality artisan product, a simple in-store production system, local marketing and brand building campaigns and an ongoing training programme, we set all our franchisees up for success.

“Since taking the Gelatissimo business overseas to Singapore in 2005 we have been actively recruiting Master Franchisees across the globe who share our vision of creating ‘Gelatissimoments’. Bangladesh and India represent big opportunities for us and our partners and we look forward to making it a sweet success.”

The franchisees in both Bangladesh and India are forecast to open at least five stores in each country in the next 12 months.

Bangladesh and India join the portfolio of international franchisees with Gelatissimo already available in Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and China. The stores will be opening in September.