Launching in May, the Xpress Lane is a podcast delivered by SMEs for SMEs.

Hosted by James Buck, Country Manager for InXpress Australia and New Zealand, Xpress Lane is a podcast for small business and franchise owners to better navigate the trials and tribulations of growing a successful company.

InXpress has been working with small- and medium-sized businesses for more than 20 years, so their staff and franchisees know first-hand how difficult it can be to start and grow a business.

In the podcast, the InXpress team bring their network of industry experts together to discuss different topics they think will be of interest, providing insights that will benefit any business owner seeking advice and inspiration.

“If you’re looking to kickstart your own business, you’ll probably appreciate gaining access to all the wisdom and support you can muster,” said podcast host James Buck. “We know the feeling very well. At InXpress, our franchisees are small business owners and so are their customers.”

Buck said the new podcast will “bring you the most relevant and topical information from those in the know. With business insights, tips and tricks on how you can avoid common pitfalls and create the right foundations for success.”  

Don’t miss any of InXpress’s small business insights by subscribing to the Xpress Land podcast on your favourite podcast platform. The podcasts will be posted fortnightly on the InXpress blog: