Australia is experiencing a cultural shift as employers, health system payers and individuals are now recognising the workplace as a beneficial setting for optimising physical, psychological and social health.

 With the cost of absenteeism estimated at $7 billion each year—and that of presenteeism (whereby medical conditions impact the ability to function fully at work) almost four times as much at almost $26 billion—the inequity in resources available for the treatment of chronic disease versus prevention is no longer sustainable, according to the Workplace Wellness in Australia Report.

Rooted in a desire to provide holistic solutions, genuine ongoing after-care and sustainable outcomes, Back in Motion’s goal is to help clients achieve optimal, life-long physical health through education, treatment and preparation of patients for tomorrow and beyond.

Recently opening his third Gold Coast practice, physiotherapist Justin Mistry is taking a uniquely corporate approach to his service offering, forging an accessible pathway for corporate organisations large and small to tap into better workplace health. 

Mr Mistry said the plan is to proactively deliver a service that helps to prevent workplace injuries using a holistic approach.

“By identifying how we can prevent injury, we can reduce the risk and likelihood of workers compensation claims, while also reducing absenteeism and boosting productivity, which is a huge win-win for businesses and employees. These initiatives can be delivered to both ‘blue-collar’ and ‘white-collar’ workplaces.”

Already partnering with The Star Casino in an Early Intervention Program for injured workers, Justin’s Back In Motion practices on the Gold Coast will focus on a business-to-business service provision that delivers not only injury rehabilitation services, but also injury prevention and health promotion services.

The Back in Motion Health Group franchise has over 130 locations across Australia and New Zealand.