The annual Cut-A-Rama fundraising event is heading to Narrabri, New South Wales, with all proceeds to be donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. This year, we’ll be joined by our brand ambassador, television super star Grant Denyer.

Cut-A-Rama is the kick-off event to the Outback Car Trek, held the night before the official trek commences, and is organised by Just Cuts™. At the event, eight Just Cuts™ Stylists from all over Australia help drivers create wild hair styles and colours to sport during the week-long trek.

At Cut-A-Rama, Outback Car Trek participants and onlookers donate thousands of dollars to see their friends’ heads shaved and cut into hilarious styles or sprayed in the most outlandish colours. Guests from the local community are also welcome to take part. And this year we’re aiming to beat last year’s fundraising effort of over $15,000!

“This is the 18th year of Cut-A-Rama, an event that we’re extremely proud to put on for all Outback Car Trek participants and the local community”, says Denis McFadden, CEO and founder of Just Cuts™ and dedicated Outback Car Trek trekker.

“The work that the Royal Flying Doctor of Australia does is inspirational. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in this event to help raise funds for such a worthwhile cause”, says Denyer.

“The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a charity that has always been very close to my heart because of the huge impact they make on so many people across Australia. Through Cut-A-Rama, we can raise even more funds for this fantastic charity”, adds McFadden.

Cut-A-Rama is just one small part of our brand’s ongoing commitment to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Every Just Cuts™ salon in Australia receives a donation box for the charity, which is displayed on reception counters all year round, with Clients, Team Members and Owners alike donating their loose change to the cause.

And since first partnering with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in 1998, Just Cuts™ has raised over $400,000 for the charity through the annual Cut-A-Rama event, our salon donation boxes and a number of other fundraising initiatives.