Growth still abounds for Poolwerx


It might be 24 years established but Poolwerx, which was recently named Established Franchisor of the Year by the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), shows no signs of slowing down predicting to more than double its business in the next nine years.

Already Australia’s largest pool and spa maintenance franchise, Poolwerx CEO and Founder, John O’Brien, said the franchise had capacity for at least another 250 stores.

“We hit 100 stores this year but there is still so much opportunity around the country for our business,” he said. “With the level of growth obtainable to us right now we anticipate to reach 350 stores and 1000 vans by 2025.”

Mr O’Brien said being named Established Franchisor of the Year was testament to the company’s unwavering focus on creating profitable franchise business owners.

“Satisfied, successful Franchise Partners are at the heart of what makes this business tick, it’s why we are the number one brand in our industry and why we keep attracting new people and are still growing strong two decades later,” he said.

“Being named the best franchise in the country is an amazing accolade and excellent credibility for the brand but what excites me most is knowing there are still hundreds of people we can help achieve a greater level of success in their lives through the experience of running their own small business.”

Poolwerx is no stranger to this award, first winning the Franchise of the Year back in 2004. Despite strong, consistent growth Mr O’Brien was reluctant to enter the award again until a key milestone had been met.

“When we first won the award 12 years ago we were a service only business but we knew what our vision was for the company so we vowed we wouldn’t enter again until we had progressed from a mobile-only to a multi-tier business model that included retail stores and vans.

“We now have a unique career path in our franchise that puts no boundaries on the success our Franchise Partners can generate. You can start small with a mobile service vehicle, or jump right into a store and grow, potentially creating a multi-million dollar business with multiple stores and service vehicles.”

Poolwerx also claimed the Field Manager of the Year title at the Franchise Council of Australia Excellence Awards, thanks to Business Development Manager Stephen Halls from Queensland.

“Our ‘pool room’ is certainly full now, with the addition of these two awards keeping company with Franchise Partner’s collection of Multi-unit Franchisee of the Year awards won in 2012, 2013, 2015, which recognises the best Multi-unit Franchisees in the country. 

“Trust in this industry is important and these awards are all about recognising strong franchise brands and systems, strong franchisees and strong field managers and support staff.”

“A common misconception is that franchising is only for people who want a small business, but in our system the sky really is the limit. One of our core values is ‘Dare to Succeed’ and because of this we will always push the boundary and work harder to maintain our status as the industry leader.”

Poolwerx has a range of new marketing territories, expansion opportunities and established business’ still with scope for growth, available across Australia.