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Guzman y Gomez sets new fast food industry standard

Three years in the making, Guzman y Gomez (GYG) is setting a new industry standard announcing that its food is 100 per cent clean. Aussies can now enjoy their favourite Mexican knowing it contains no added preservatives, artificial flavours, added colours or unacceptable additives*. 

With research revealing that over 17 million Australians eat fast food on a regular basis, Guzman y Gomez is offering everyday Aussies the convenience, affordability and taste that they love about fast food, without compromising on quality or nutrition. 


“At Guzman y Gomez, we’ve always believed that fast food doesn’t have to be bad food,” says Steven Marks, Founder and Global CEO at Guzman y Gomez. “Australians should never have to compromise on quality and eating whole real foods, even when it comes to fast food. When you order food it should be easy to avoid added preservatives, colours, artificial flavours and other nasties that offer very little nutritional value. 


At Guzman y Gomez, we’ve always used real, fresh, quality ingredients, and today, I’m so proud to say that we’ve achieved another significant milestone in our journey to reinvent fast food, with the removal of all added preservatives, artificial flavours, added colours and unacceptable additives from our food.”


Guzman y Gomez is defining what it means to serve clean fast-food and, in doing so, is setting a new industry standard for all other players in the fast food industry.