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Have your say on possible changes to franchising regulation

The Australian Government Franchising Taskforce has published its Issues Paper and invites you to have your say on changes that might be made in the franchising sector.

The Issues Paper seeks specific responses to 23 questions across seven major draft principles that the taskforce has drawn from the Franchise Inquiry report. These cover issues relating to disclosure, cooling-off, mutual reporting, exploitation, dispute resolution, exiting franchise agreements and enforcement of the Franchising Code.

Franchise stakeholders including franchisors and franchisees are encouraged to respond to the 23 questions via email, an online consultation form or by phoning 1800 314 677 during business hours. Responses are due by Friday, September 20, and unlike the Franchise Inquiry, submissions to the Taskforce will not be published online.

The release of the Issues Paper is the second stage in a seven-stage process expected to be completed next year. The next stage will involve the release of a regulation impact statement in October, followed by a further six week period of sector consultation.

The Taskforce is a multi-agency government committee composed of representatives from the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, the Department of the Treasury and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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