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Hog’s Australia’a Steakhouse

Q & A with Hog’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Greg ‘Disco’ Miller

How long have you been with the Hog’s family?

I was the national marketing manager at Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse for many years and recently moved into a franchising role. I come from a strong background in hospitality and I owned businesses in Airlie Beach, where Hog’s was born. To our core, we’re an upbeat, family-friendly, Australian steakhouse with a passion for good food. My aim is to ensure that everyone in Australia knows the Hog’s Breath brand: what it stands for and what it delivers.

What is your signature product?

We’ve always been known for great steak and for our famous 18-hour slow-cooked prime rib. Over time, our product offerings have diversified to accommodate the dynamic Aussie appetite, with options to suit any dietary need and the pickiest of palettes. We’re all about providing quality food in a comfortable, friendly environment. We want people to have fun and enjoy themselves at Hog’s. We call it Hog’spitality.

Who fits your franchisee profile?

We are a lifestyle-driven company where the franchise owners are the face of their business and celebrate successes with their staff. Potential franchisees will quickly note our distinctive culture and way of life, and we want them to reflect the fun, upbeat vibe that we’re known for. For us, it’s personality, culture and business fit.

How do you take care of your franchisees?

Before franchisees officially sign on, they are properly vetted to ensure a great match for both sides. We have a series of meetings with the support office team to establish open communication and complete transparency in all aspects of running a successful business. We also have an accredited relationship with multiple financial institutions that specialise in franchise lending. Our franchise development team helps franchisees to choose the best sites, and we provide an eight-week training program at ‘Hog University’ in Brisbane. Once a franchise opens, our training team stays for support during the initial weeks. An assigned business coach is available for franchisees to contact any time, and we also make regular restaurant visits to all Hog’s locations.

What milestones have you celebrated recently, and what’s your focus for the next 12 months?

We kicked off celebrations for our 30th birthday this month, a huge milestone in the hospitality industry. Our focus for the next 12 months will be continued support for franchisees as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of food service. It’s one of the most challenging industries to thrive in, and each location has its own unique community and quirks that we must address to satisfy our customers. But it’s a challenge we’re willing to take on, because we love and believe in this brand.


Hog’s Australia welcomes any interested parties to get in touch with our franchise development team. Franchisee information, including current Hog’s location availability for new and established sites, can be found at