Holy guacamole! Guzman y Gomez sets its sight on South Australia


Guzman y Gomez, Australia’s fastest-growing fast food brand, will be expanding into South Australia for the first time. GYG has become famous for serving delicious, fresh, authentic Mexican food over the past decade, and is now set to keep Adelaide well fed with guacamole and burritos for years to come. 

Thanks to a partnership with South Australian company, Peregrine Corporation, Guzman y Gomez will open its first taqueria in Adelaide within the next 12 months. This news follows hot on the heels of  Guzman y Gomez being named the leader in Roy Morgan’s QSR Customer Satisfaction Awards.

The move will see Guzman y Gomez in every state across Australia except Tasmania, taking its mission to Fix Fast Food to all corners of the country. 

Guzman y Gomez is changing the fast food industry by proving it is possible to serve great food at speed, without compromising on ethically sourced ingredients, quality, taste or nutrition. Just last month, GYG made massive headway in improving animal welfare for Australia’s fast food industry, by becoming the first to serve 100 percent fresh Australian free range chicken across all its taquerias nationally. Guzman y Gomez will also move to 100 percent grass fed and added hormone free beef by 2017.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Steven Marks, said: “We can’t wait to introduce Adelaideans to our delicious Mexican food. We know they will love it!

“Every GYG meal is prepared fresh on site, using the most authentic and ethically sourced ingredients. We know fast food can be good food and we’re proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed and convenience.

“Thanks to our wonderful partners at Peregrine Corporation, we will be bringing our famous GYG burritos, nachos and guac to lunch and dinner tables around town. It’s great to work with people who share our passion for top quality food and customer service, and we look forward to deepening our relationship as we expand our footprint across SA,” said Marks.

Executive Chairman of Peregrine Corporation, Yasser Shahin, said: “We are looking forward to bringing Guzman y Gomez to South Australia. This partnership fits with our approach to innovation and the timing is right for SA to experience Guzman y Gomez’s fresh, authentic Mexican food.”

To support Guzman y Gomez’s mission to fix fast food, sign this petition and help end the use of barn raised chicken in the fast food industry: Change.org/FixFastFood.