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A Perfect Partnership

Home Caring has been providing top-quality home care services in Australia since 2015. Committed to helping those in need by offering them access to a range of unique services built around their needs, Home Caring cares for its clients with passion, respect, empathy and accountability.

Jon Kontopos, the founder of the company, is passionate about improving Australia’s home care industry and brings over seven years of experience in working with seniors in the care industry. Michaela Brown – the Home Caring Group Operations Manager – oversees the entire business and brings a wealth of experience with her. With well over 10 years working in the care industry, there’s nothing Michaela hasn’t encountered. Claire Zhang has always been interested in being a business owner and is a passionate Home Caring franchisee partner. With over 14 years of nursing experience, Claire has gone from nurse to business-woman.

Home Caring understands that everyone is different. The dedicated team ensures that customers receive trustworthy, compassionate and reliable services which are aligned with their needs. The business values feedback and actively monitors changes in circumstances to ensure they are consistently providing customers with the support they require. Home Caring aims to provide the highest standards of personalised in-home care with clinical expertise.

Business Franchise magazine spoke with the team at Home Caring to find out more their unique service.

Can you tell us about the Home Caring mission?

“Our mission is very straightforward; we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable care and support services to all clients,” says Jon.

“It’s common to assume that providing home care is easy,” says Jon, “surely all you have to do is look after people for a few hours – how hard is that?” In reality, the best home care is far more thoughtful than this, and Home Caring take everything into account when caring for each individual, ensuring that all their requirements are met and that they retain their dignity.

“The way we see it, home care should be about helping people to feel comfortable and confident at home. They should have a sense of independence and not feel as though they’re on their own. With our innovative approach, we’ve bought smiles to over 900 faces in just a few years,” explains Jon.

How does the mission translate into the everyday operation?

“Everything we do is focused on our mission statement,” says Michaela, “all of our services and home care packages are designed to be as professional and reliable as can be. No matter who the client is – or what problems they might have – we are always going to be there to help, and there will always be professional support from trained specialist carers.”

“Unfortunately, many home care services in Australia are set up to make money – understandably, a business needs to make a profit, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of patient care,” says Michaela.

“With Home Caring, we always put the client first. We listen to their needs and develop home care plans to suit their specific needs,” explains Michaela. “As a result, it means clients only pay for a plan that suits them. You never have to pay for things you don’t need, making our services affordable and accessible. Care and support for clients come first, above everything else!”

Tell us about your franchisee partnerships

“The business launched in 2015 and started franchising in 2018 with the first franchisee appointed in December of that year,” says Jon.

“Our franchisee system is a partnership-based model, so we partner with, nurture and empower our nurses,” says Jon. “The Home Caring business model is unique and offers a 50/50 joint venture, reducing start-up costs and promoting strong collaboration between the Home Caring brand and our franchisee partners.”

“I first got involved with Home Caring in October last year. It was the Home Caring franchisee online advertisement that drew my attention,” says Claire, “when I compared Home Caring’s advertisement with other companies that offer a similar business opportunity, I found Home Caring has a more reasonable and detailed plan for the franchisee, in terms of offering 50/50 joint venture structure.”

“I was always interested in business and wanted to be a business owner, but I never thought my nursing career would help me with owning my own,” says Claire, “but after starting Home Caring Campbelltown, I soon realised my experience has actually helped me a lot, not only my clinical knowledge and skills but also skills in leadership and management that I have learnt over my time working in the health care industry.”

“The most rewarding part of my job is to help my clients to achieve their care goal and support their families and carers. The other rewarding part is to see my employees happy by providing ongoing training and offering them a secure job with a stable income,” says Claire.

“It’s the perfect partnership,” says Jon, “Claire has gone from nurse to business-woman and has achieved incredible results with Home Caring.”

Why choose Home Caring?

“Franchisees receive full support in the operation of the business, from initial induction training to marketing activities and compliance processes. Regular meetings are held for franchisees, and the operations team regularly visit the franchisees in their locations to lead and guide them on a one on one basis” explains Michaela.

Home Caring is on the lookout for passionate, dedicated and community-minded franchisees who want to experience the rewards of running a business.

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