The Human Ingredient


Thousands of ways to make a sandwich but one ingredient remains the same: the human ingredient.

From a humble submarine sandwich shop, to the largest quick service restaurant network in the world, Subway® is one of the world’s most-recognisable brands and has built its reputation on quality, freshly made food.   

With a 50-year global history and 1600 restaurants across Australia and New Zealand, people often ask what is the recipe to success?

It’s simple: the human ingredient.  Each restaurant is individually owned and operated, and franchise owners from diverse backgrounds, who all have one thing in common: their love of freshly-made food.

Subway® is a business of opportunity.

When Damian Culpeper first started as a Sandwich Artist® while studying at university, he never imagined that Subway® would be his future.

“I always wanted to run my own business but didn’t know how I was going to do it. The biggest driver for me was finding a good healthy fast food option. Subway® ticked all the boxes as there were plenty of fresh food options, plus lots of systems and processes in place to help me run a successful franchise,” Damian said.

After finishing his university degree and exploring other career paths, Damian realised that a desk job wasn’t for him. He returned to Subway® and now owns his own restaurant.

“My job has a great amount of variety. I’m in charge of hiring staff, managing and ordering stock, staff rosters and payroll. I also spend time serving and talking to guests. For anyone who doesn’t want to sit behind a desk all day, I really encourage them to consider Subway,” Damian said.

Subway® is a business for entrepreneurs.

Mum of two and Subway® franchise owner Krystal Butler purchased her own Subway® franchise after working in another restaurant and believes it is a career that delivers flexibility and profitability.

For Krystal, owning a Subway® restaurant has been a career that has been compatible with kids and allows her to support both her family and her team.

“Subway has allowed me to achieve what a lot of people are striving for – work and life balance. My children are my top priority but I’m also very goal-driven and my Subway restaurant is important to provide for my family,” Krystal said.

Subway® is a business for families.

For Subway® franchise owner, Dallas Mulholland, his business has been a family affair. After purchasing his first restaurant, it wasn’t long before his own daughters started contributing and developed a taste for excellent and preparing freshly-made food.  Now, the business has become multi-generational, with daughters Shannon and Casey, working alongside their father as owners and carrying on the business.

Building this legacy has been about leadership for Dallas, not just for his daughters, but also for the wider team.  “I lead by example, I’m happy to roll up my sleeves and do any job, whether that be the dishes, wiping tables or cleaning up. It’s all important. If my team see me do that, I’m hoping they follow my lead,” said Dallas. “I am fortunate to have a great team that take pride in what they do.”

Subway’s vision

The recipe to Subway’s global success has been in the people behind its restaurants.  The brand’s unique operating model provides dedicated business development teams in the field to support franchise owners from pre-purchase through to the day-to-day management of their restaurant.  To assist owners in managing the fast-paced nature of the retail food industry, Subway® provides a suite of resources and training tools, as well as regular business management support.

If you’re hungry to join a brand that is both passionate about quality food and people – take a fresh look at Subway®. 

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