India joins the Ready Steady Go Kids global family


Ready Steady Go Kids, Australia’s most popular multi-sport program for preschoolers, has well and truly cemented its place on the world stage, adding India to its list of international locations. The Australian-based company already has successful franchises across Australia, in Singapore, the UK and Indonesia, proving that their winning formula is easily translatable across cultures.

Nighat Jan, and husband Faisal Shariff, are the new master franchisees of Ready Steady Go Kids in India, and are full of praise for the program and the many benefits it offers to young children. Mrs Jan and Mr Shariff are well versed in the realm of health and fitness. Mrs Jan is an occupational therapist, while Mr Shariff has worked in the Indian sports industry for 16 years as a sports journalist and advocate.

“Ready Steady Go Kids covers all aspects of development that need to be addressed at this early stage of children’s lives,” Mrs Jan said. “It provides tremendous benefits for all children, including those with special needs. Ready Steady Go Kids helps control obesity, promotes an active lifestyle and also improves self-esteem, social skills and motivation.”

Mrs Jan and Mr Shariff have ambitious plans for the program in India. Their initial aim is to collectively train at least 4000 children in the first year of operations. Their longer term goals include working towards making Ready Steady Go Kids the flagship sports program for preschool children across India.

“Childhood obesity is a huge problem here,” Mrs Jan explained. “Many of my occupational therapy clients have encouraged me to develop a program to increase activity levels in children. I believe Ready Steady Go Kids is the answer for children throughout India.”

Physio-designed for youngsters aged from two-and-a-half to six years, Ready Steady Go Kids aims to create positive attitudes to exercise that children will carry for life.

Classes cover the fundamentals of 10 different sports while developing age-appropriate motor skills. Kids also learn about the concept of sportsmanship by taking turns, playing by the rules and cooperating with their peers.

Each session is specifically designed to not only get kids’ bodies active, but also their minds. Music, equipment and even some parental involvement contribute to lessons that make it hard for anyone (including instructors and parents) to keep the smiles off their faces.

“Children are motivated mainly by enjoyment and social interaction and the interest of trying a new sport, a new challenge,” Mrs Jan adds. “And since it is a goal-oriented and age appropriate program it enhances physical, intellectual and socio-emotional aspect of the child’s personality.”

The outcomes and benefits are numerous, including (but not limited to): confidence, coordination, cooperation, social skills, encourages active lifestyle, independence, and sportsmanship. Like many franchisees around the globe, Mrs Jan has recognised the advantages and importance of the Ready Steady Go Kids program in the upbringing  and formulation of a child’s life.

Stuart Derbyshire, Director of Ready Steady Go Kids, is extremely pleased with how well, and how quickly, the company’s foray into the international market has progressed to date.

“We’re the largest multi-sport and exercise program in Australia and have always wanted to eventually fulfill similar roles around the globe,” Mr Derbyshire said. “Adding India to our list of locations is certainly another step in the right direction.”

Classes have already began in the northern state of India, Jammu and Kashmir and the response has been overwhelming. The response to the program entering schools has been equally impressive with the program being supported in Mumbai and Pune with new classes in New Delhi, Jammu and Hyderabad due to commence in August.

For more information about the Ready Steady Go Kids program, class times and locations, please contact Nighat Jan or Fasial Shariff by telephoning (+91) 022 32198611 or via email at or