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IndiHub Supports Independent Retailers and Franchisees

IndiHub launched in early 2022 off the back of a successful membership for independent service station owners, ServoPro.


Founder of IndiHub, Matt Ritson said “We have helped over 2000 independent service station owners so it made sense we offer our services to independent retailers in other industries”


In its first year of operation, IndiHub has worked with retailers in a number of different industries including furniture, cafes, hairdressers, newsagents, butchers, grocery, pet, tobacconists, office supplies and liquor.


“It doesn’t matter which industry the retailer is in, all retailers struggle in similar areas of their business. We make it easy for them to save time and money by doing the heavy lifting.” said Matt.


While IndiHub has an extensive range of services and solutions for independent retailers and franchisees, their main focus is on reducing costs.


“Our members are facing huge rises in operational costs and don’t know where to start or just don’t have the time to explore their options. We can work with the business owner to identify cost savings in the areas of electricity, merchant terminal fees, insurance, waste removal and much more.” said Matt.


Other areas IndiHub is helping include supplier discounts, HR advice and resources as well as keeping members up to date with relevant news and information.


IndiHub is offering readers a free business health check to help retailers and franchisees reduce their costs and improve their bottom line. To find out more visit