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International business tour unlocks million-dollar growth for Poolwerx


Big business is on the rise at Poolwerx with more than 10 per cent of its Australian franchise network set to achieve turnover of more than $3 million within the next five years.

The goal was spurred by a business exploration tour to the United States, where a contingent of top performing Australian franchise partners spent the week reviewing operations of their larger international counterparts.

Poolwerx Australian COO Andrew Kidd, who initiated the trip, said 50 per cent of its American network generated between $3 to $8 million turnover and the visit proved the potential to reach similar scale in Australia.

‘This was an inaugural trip to leverage our power as an international brand and give our Australian franchise partners more insight into the enormity of the industry and how they can harness it,’ he said.

‘Our franchise owners were able to see how a multi-million-dollar operation needs to be led and managed. They learned how staffing could be scaled and controlled. Overall, they took away how vital it was for them to focus on the strategic direction of the business, and accurately understand how to measure business profitability.’

Malcolm Price, owner of Poolwerx Turramurra in New South Wales and Poolwerx’ highest performing franchise, said the trip was invaluable in helping confirm his long-term business goals.

‘Visiting our business in the US really broadened the lens at which I look at my business and gave me a moment to distil what is possible and what is important to me,’ he said. 

‘There is no denying what I experienced on this trip has given me the confidence I am with the right system to support my growth and that it is possible to replicate big business success in Australia too.’

Mr Kidd said the company proposed to make the trip a permanent initiative as part of the growth planning process for high performing franchise partners.

‘We have always had a focus on growth with a clear business development path for our franchise partners. Our aim is for this week-long international learning experience to be part of the next level training for those with large business aspirations.’