InXpress launch innovative new video campaign


On Friday 10th November InXpress – the global shipping franchise – released their brand-new advert worldwide, featuring one of their own InXpress Young Guns.

Only one week on, the video has seen nearly 15,000 views on YouTube and is set to rise significantly. At the height of innovative ideas, InXpress are on another level, launching an advert which shows customers the excellent services InXpress business owners love to deliver, world-wide.

“We wanted to create an advertising campaign to give a clear picture of what we are about.” Explains Mel Spencer, Global Head of Marketing for InXpress.

The advert focuses on the ‘what if’ element of what businesses may be looking for, and how InXpress meet those needs.

“We work hard to efficiently handle the logistics of customers’ shipping requirements – whatever they may be. With the additional benefit of excellent discounts. After switching to InXpress, a quarter of new customers said they saved up to 25% on their annual shipping fees.” says Mel.

InXpress pride themselves, as an award-winning global shipping franchise business, offering customer’s world-class quality service, wherever in the world they are shipping from or to.

“The promotion ends with the challenge for businesses to consider how ‘we’ve got you covered’ and what this could look like for them. ‘Make the change: Treat yourself.’ We are really proud of this campaign, and look forward to seeing how it will be received worldwide!”

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think…