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Jacinta McDonell invests in people first and joins BUMP Health and Fitness as an Investor and Advisory Board Member

BUMP Health and Fitness founded by Calum Wilson and Ross Lucas in 2018 has appointed Anytime Fitness co-founder and Fitness Industry Roll of Honour Inductee Jacinta McDonell as an Investor and Advisory Board Member bringing over 20 years of fitness business and franchise experience. 

BUMP Health and Fitness are leading in the Health and Fitness space and are committed to revoutionising the female fitness journey before conception and well into motherhood. At the core of what set’s BUMP apart is how they prioritise women throughout these major milestones and support and optimise their wellbeing as their physical needs change. 

The BUMP Health and Fitness team of experts have created a strategic business franchise model, which can be run as owner operator or as an investor with the backing of BUMP’s professional and progressive support team.

As the business grows and develops Jacinta will continue to advise and support the Founders and the team to develop and grow a sustainable and values based franchise brand. “I have large ambitions for BUMP” said Jacinta McDonell. 

Jacinta will advise on the growth of BUMP to be a successful national franchise brand and will continue to grow and lead in the delivery of world class programs for women specialising in pre and post-natal fitness.

I believe in people first. When I met Ross and Calum, I immediately knew that our values aligned, and they had a true desire to learn and grow. 

BUMP’s target it to have 100 BUMP clubs across Australia in the next 5 years. 

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